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Why is Super Affiliate System in The Trusted Directory?

checking a company outSuper Affiliate System is a comprehensive training course from one of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing world – John Crestani. As more and more businesses move online, John has been at the forefront in their promotion for which he receives a commission – a process called affiliate marketing.

While several thousand people make a relatively good side-income from affiliate marketing, where John differs is he’s managed to create a process where he now earns over $1m every month online – and with the creation of his Super Affiliate System – he teaches you exactly what he does in super-fine detail as a step-by-step process.

As a highly successful affiliate marketer with a solid presence across social media – in particular YouTube – it’s inevitable that John will receive both good and bad commentary. For every 100 fans he has there are a small number of vocal haters calling him a scammer, a crook and a liar and so we wanted to be absolutely certain that everything he did was above board before including any of John’s products in our Trusted Directory.

So we tested them – thoroughly.

And we compared them to rival products and trainings often at several times the price.

Through our small army of secret shoppers and Scam Report management, we got to know the internet marketing space very well.

From this research we’d suggest that barely 1 in 100 of the available buisness opportunities online can produce even paltry results – in fact we’ve only found 17 we’d even consider as being able to do exactly what they say – and 3 of these are John’s products.

Super Affiliate System Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Program Quality: 96%
  Startup Costs: 68%
  Running Costs: 86%
  Profit Potential: 97%
  Customer Care: 80%
  Overall: 87%

About Super Affiliate System

john crestani logoSuper Affiliate System is a mid to advanced-level training program from one of the world’s top Internet Marketers John Crestani. In it he covers every element of online marketing, focusing on “affiliate” marketing – a business model where people earn a percentage from a huge range of companies on any sales they make after a visitor has clicked your link.

He walks you through every step required to get set up in a series of easy-to-follow and more advanced how-to guides, from how to find affiliate offers and how to promote them either through well-researched and highly effective paid ads or at little cost and even free. John personally earns over $1m a month from his affiliate marketing business and shows the best places to find offers with the highest payouts – for example one company pays over $30,000 for a sale. Despite this, affiliate marketing is not for everyone and SAS covers the downsides and the risks that once known can be easily avoided through a series of simple checks and safeguards.

From the Super Affiliate System website:

Imagine Working Anywhere Anytime and Make Money While You Sleep. With a computer and internet access, you can work anywhere in the world in any timezone.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves you (the Affiliate) actively promoting and connecting business’ product, service, or sites to customers. You, as the successful affiliate, are rewarded a commission when a sale has been transacted with each and every time.

Learn More


Why We Like Super Affiliate System

preparing super affiliate system reportWhen carrying out our initial investigations into John Crestani, it was immediately clear that here was a man who practices what he teaches.

John has worked for over a decade at building a series of multi-million dollar companies across several markets, all using the online marketing and digital product creation methods he’s now teaching students of both his basic IM Jetset course and his much more comprehensive training Super Affiliate System.

It doesn’t take long to realize that he must be one of the hardest working entrepreneurs we’ve met in the affiliate training space, not only running his several successful businesses, but producing quality training programs that have been fully tested to ensure they’ll work in the hands of all his students, no matter their experience or ability level.

John’s Super Affiliate System is his top-selling training, a 6-week program sharing detailed knowledge that can be put to immediate use to start, grow, repeat and scale into a highly profitable work-at-home business.

Launched in 2015 at $5000, the Super Affiliate System course has been comprehensively updated, keeping it ahead of the crowd as digital markets change, with all videos being re-shot at least yearly to ensure they remain at the bleeding edge of marketing advancements.

Now at a much more affordable $997, the SAS 2020 edition takes what has gone before and has refreshed, renewed and revamped giving it’s students the best possible chance for success in this new decade.


What’s in the Course?

john crestani course reviewInternet Marketing and it’s sub-niche Affiliate Marketing are huge subjects covering a massive number of promotion methods over thousands of industries and verticals – and tens of thousands of companies.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Secrets course manages to break what could easily fill volumes of books and hundreds of hours video into an easy to follow and highly practical 6-week course. How he achieves this is partly down to a knack for editing complex subject matters into compact golden nuggets – but mostly because John doesn’t actually examine the whole market.

Only the parts that work: the parts that offer the biggest financial return on investment with the least competition.

While the training in Super Affiliate Secrets could be applied to any niche, John’s course is strongly focused on the elements that stand the best possible chance of creating an enviable work-at-home income with the least amount of graft.


Although the course is described as being 6-week and is set out as such, everything is available immediately as opposed to being drip-fed. This has the added advantage of allowing students to work at their own pace and as time allows.

At over 50 hours of video content with additional assignments and other practical work, Super Affiliates Secrets is not something that can be completed over the space of a weekend, or even a week if you want to get maximum results for your money. Te designated six weeks would be a fair assessment for someone starting with no prior knowledge and would be enough time to see some financial results coming in.

The six weeks are set out as:
super affiliate system six week contents

  • WEEK ONE – System Setup
  • WEEK TWO – Understanding the System
  • WEEK THREE – Marketing Skills
  • WEEK FOUR – Facebook & Google Ads
  • WEEK FIVE – YouTube and Native Ads
  • WEEK SIX – Scaling and Automation

Even if some of the terms don’t immediately make sense, weeks ONE and TWO give you a full grounding of what John’s system is, the business model and the mindset you’ll need to move forward with maximum advantage.

They also cover domain names, creating sales web pages or Landing Pages that will best promote your offers along with tracking and analyzing your results using specific software.

Week THREE hones your marketing skills further using tried and tested layouts, copy and ads before concentrating on specific sources of web traffic in weeks FOUR and FIVE – Facebook, Google, Youtube and other social media – as well as Native Ads (a modern term for a digital advertorial).

john crestani scaling your businessWeek SIX is all about scaling your business and taking your physical presence out of the equation meaning you can squeeze hours out of minutes and weeks of work out of days – growing successful marketing campaigns and duplication into other verticals, all with outsourced labor.

Between the various videos, written content, set exercises and tasks, by week six and onward you should have an established marketing business ready to grow.

Unlike many training courses that basically leave you at that point, the true value to be gained in the Super Affiliate System is in the post-completion community. A vibrant and active Facebook group helps take what you’ve learned and build further, answering questions and providing useful insight from people working across the full spectrum of marketing niches.

Disadvantages? Students should bear in mind that SAS teaches the use of paid advertising to promote and scale projects. While this can be as little as $10/day, students should budget for this and expect initial testing to barely cover these costs.

For rapid scaling when a good offer, landing page and ads are bringing in results you may need to spend a lot more on ads to take best advantage, and although the income will be several times ad-spend, most affiliate programs have a delay of at least seven days between a sale and payout. You need to allow for this delay in your cash-flow.

Want to get rid of that disadvantage? Scam Report readers get free access to John Crestani’s $47/mo Internet Jetset program, which helps students add free marketing methods to the SAS’ paid marketing, further broadening the opportunity to scale successful campaigns on zero capital.

Super Affiliate System Review – In Conclusion

super affiliate system rated as top opportunityAs we said in the opening section of this review, there are very few online work-at-home opportunities that come even close to providing a good income.

John Crestani’s SAS is not one of them, having made millionaires of multiple students and brought six-figure incomes to hundreds more.

If you’re interested in joining the growing number of Americans making money through online marketing, nothing at this price-point really compares to the Super Affiliate System method for building and scaling a successful affiliate marketing business.

Is your success guaranteed? No – but if you follow the course to the letter and don’t cut corners you’ll be head and shoulders above the competition.

Join Super Affiliate System with FREE IM Jetset Add-on Offer

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  1. Frankie

    (try to) ignore the hype, (try to) ignore the piles of money and (try to) ignore John’s hair, this is absolute gold dust and while you can learn it yourself if you know where to look John has it all in one place and he literally shows you exactly what you need to do.

    Didn’t manage to ignore the hype, the money and the hair? Good! Because it’s there for a reason and it works…

    3 out of 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Hercules

    This boy’s a marketing legend if you can’t triple the price of this course in 3 months you’re just not doing it right.

    My mistake has always been tweaking things and doing it “my” way and I’ve never been exactly blessed with success. In March I decided something had to change and I decided to model myself completely on someone who was among the best in the field. Most everyone I spoke to said John Crestani, so I went with it, took the plunge and paid up. I then did exactly what he said, not a variation but EXACTLY the steps he said in the same order at the same time. I used his examples and all the resources and swipe files and just got stuck in. It worked. Much more than paid my costs and in profit to a tune of four figures by July.

    The hardest thing for me is resisting going back to doing it my way but the regular paychecks are keeping me straight!

    6 out of 6 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Graeme Anderson

    worthwhile course and first class training provided you’re willing to put in the hours

    7 out of 7 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Marcus Kellman

    John has nailed down what to do into a program that even I can understand. Some of the analytics work is taxing if you’ve never done it before but the sourcing products and advertising is really enjoyable. You don’t even need to buy products just sell other people’s stuff for commission. I made my first hundred bucks in two weeks which doesn’t sound much but now its set up I do the minimum I need to, like 2 hours a day, and clear $500 a week sometimes more. I found the biggest difference is picking the right products my first attempt I spent over $300 on advertising and made almost nothing but the second one which had what I thought was a lot of competition was far more lucrative and I have ads running on google and facebook which so far hasnt been affected by the coronavirus and I don’t think it will. I’m trying to limit what I take out the business and put it all back into ads until I hit a scale I’m happy with. It’s not super-easy and anyone who says it is is a liar but it’s neither super-hard. It’s just a set of tried and tested steps which have been proven over 10 years or more to work very well. They have for me.

    12 out of 12 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Wyatt Hopkins

    John is the man at this. Nobody else with a couple exceptions can get the facts across as well as John without adding complicated steps that are not needed and making the whole thing enjoyable. It is NOT cheap but it is not expensive either compared to the time you’d spend learning and relearning from other sources, or the cost and time of going to collage. Don’t overthink it and don’t change his method because I can tell you from someone who’d tried this game for SEVEN years with no success that the moment I moved over to this program I saw sales and clicks mount up faster than I could have dreamed. This is what they should be teaching at business school

    11 out of 11 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. YouTuber

    A superb background series of videos on John dropped today on his YouTube channel. If you have any doubts about the program, watch these short videos

    14 out of 14 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Franco Jones

    Very useful training no filler lots of content but condensed into an easy to understand style. I had read somewhere before signing up that a lot is available on the internet and yes its true there’s lots of content out there around the concept of affiliate marketing. But a lot of what I’ve found online is just plain bs, copied from someplace else or out of date. This cuts through all that and delivers the exact information, products and tools you need to make it. I’ve bought 4 courses on home business opportunities and this is the only one I’ve tried that actually delivers on its promises and although I’m not making 6 figures a month I’ve had several $500 days in December and the rest mostly $300-400 days which is getting onto being good money at least for me!

    15 out of 16 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. A.M.

    So far I’ve made it a rule in life not to trust guys who ride helicopters drive green Lamborghinis or shoot money out of money guns. I’ve been especially wary of anyone who claims to be a marketing expert while under 40, with a big-assed beard and clearly cuts their own hair.

    There’s one person though, who despite being guilty of matching every one of these oddly-specific prejudices, I’m glad I know – and that’s everyone’s second favorite JC, John Crestani.

    I’ve been in internet marketing since 2004 and in that time I’ve seen “gurus” come and go, big names with insane hype machines exploding onto the scene in a lavish parade of Ferraris, private jets and big stacks of money.

    6-12 months later and they’re subject to an FTC ruling or are doing 12-36 for fraud. Or they just fade away as the next guy comes along with a bigger stack and a brighter supercar, to take another $1997 from more gullible fools running from one shiny object to the next.

    John Crestani on the other hand I’ve known of since he was just a regular Joe learning about this new thing called “Affiliate Marketing”.

    I remember him waaay back in Bulletin Boards and Forums. Yes they were a thing a long time ago. I remember him asking good questions and going away to act on the answers he got. I remember him posting results, small at first but always growing.

    I remember him getting better and better as time went on and soon he was helping other guys sort out their own problems and answering their questions. He’d review folks’ websites, he’d give advice about copywriting, he’d just basically help in anyway he could.

    My main takeaway from those early days was he’s just a good all round guy. I even commented to a few other members he’d be the one to go places.

    Fast forward a few years and I came across him again, now he was much bigger and was actually bringing in some serious coin. I believe he’d started some kind of nutritional supplements company and his own affiliate network. I wasn’t close to him but he still seemed to be the John I remembered. Some of the marketing people I hung around with knew him through friends of friends and agreed yeah totally he was the real deal. He worked insanely hard and was as driven as they come.

    Another year goes by and I actually end up working on one of his joint venture projects and sure enough he’s still a down to earth, hard working super-helpful guy. He’s selling some big ticket products as an affiliate and yes now he’s got his own network, so he’s covering all ends of the marketing world. I remember looking into some of his numbers and was blown away by what he was taking in on a monthly basis.

    This was a man who had looked at what was available over 10 years, at different revenue streams, offers and ways to market them and had combined it all into an ever developing system that he kept tuning and refining.

    Now and then I’d come across one of his websites while building my own. There were times we were competing in the same niche. He was good, his sites looked great and from what I could see must have been converting like gangbusters.

    More time passes and at some point he must have taken some of this knowledge and created a course because suddenly he was all over youtube. He’d definitely learned about building a personal brand.

    Whether for notoriety or out of some ironic humor his brand was all about the fast cars, private planes, piles of money and jetset locations that those scam artists from the past had used, but with a key difference – and I don’t mean his big beard and interesting haircut.

    When it comes down to it, these are just hooks that grab clicks, get people talking and then his relentless re-targeting ads keep hitting and hitting that greed button in potential recruits.

    Where normally they’d be signing up to a course that at best woefully underdelivers on it’s promise and at worst would be a pure out and out scam – with John Crestani it’s very different.

    I looked into what he was doing, and I mean really looked because this is a business I know and love and I wanted to see what John was teaching. I spoke to colleagues, to shared friends, to people who’d taken the course and even got hold of some of the materials. It was gold dust. Pretty much as I’d expected.

    When it comes down to it, there are only two people in online marketing who I consider to be truly experts, know what they are doing inside out, are excellent teachers, and who I’d 100% trust to deliver on promises every time.

    One of them is John Crestani.

    If you have an opportunity to work with him, take it. It’s not all easy, there’s some hard work and long nights ahead but nobody knows affiliate marketing like him.

    20 out of 21 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Vihann Agrawal

    I have not joined SAS3.0 as I don’t have the money (yet) but I’m on my way thanks to John’s outstanding videos on his YouTube channel. I didn’t even know this world existed and now everywhere I look all I see affiliate sites.

    6 out of 26 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Brian

    I took this course because I want to set up an ad agency having had some success myself running ads on Facebook. Within a few hours of looking through the course materials I knew I hadn’t even scratched the surface of whats possible and John’s DFY ads, landing pages and facebook audiences are amazing. My mind is racing with the possibilities and I’ve already put some of John’s ideas into past campaigns, using these ugly banners versus professional ones I’d had made and seeing numbers that are a 2x or 3x improvement. Very VERY good product and I can see it paying for itself in weeks or even days.

    29 out of 31 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Donald Elliot

    I don’t know what 1.0 or 2.0 were like but 3.0 is “10x” better than other courses I’ve taken. No padding no flimflam just good actionable intel.

    13 out of 26 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  12. Mike D

    There’s not a more knowledgeable friendly helpful or honest guy in the internet marketing niche than John.

    If you don’t have the money for this course sell a kidney or your least favorite kid.

    John has been in this outer circle of acquaintances of mine for 5 or 6 years and I eventually got talking to him at a conference 3 years ago. He told be about what he did and even though he was talking multi-million dollars it was so matter of fact that I was like “yeah ok cool, sounds nice – hook me up sometime” and so he did.

    I’d heard of affiliate marketing before (I’m in advertising) but it wasn’t something I’d ever considered as it seemed a bit low-rent like a bunch of guys sat in their bedrooms sending spam.

    I was totally wrong and soon I was introduced into a world where some of the best in the biz were clearing 100, 200, 500k a month. My salary at the time was 180, so yeah the thought of making my annual in a month was certainly appealing.

    I picked a niche I was interested in and applied what I’d learned. I’d be telling lies if I said I was an overnight success but I kept at it and pivoted my idea a little after getting feedback from the group. I saw a jump in both conversions and profitability so I scaled what I was doing and repeated the process in a similar niche.

    This too started to take off and apart from having my facebook account banned (oops) it was a nice journey.

    2 years ago my side hustle overtook my job and last year I quit to focus on affiliate marketing full time.

    It’s not all sweetness and unicorns however, there are some companies who will skim money from your earnings and others who will just plain not pay you, but overall I can’t think of a better opportunity that’s open to anyone.

    If you can automate elements and keep control of others, build a team using cheap offshore labor and keep scaling your ads it’s unbeatable.

    Thank you John.

    32 out of 33 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Karen

    John Crestani knows his business he’s very clever and can see ways to sell anything to anyone. I was surprised at just what a data guy he is but that’s where the money is in the data, knowing what it means and how you can up your metrics. A lot is covered but not in an overwhelming way and I’d say it could be just as useful for a newcomer or someone who’s been trying to make money from home but failing.

    26 out of 29 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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