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  Service Quality: 96%
  Service Value: 98%
  Ease of Use: 86%
  Success Rate: 95%
  Customer Care: 96%
  Overall: 94%


About Inc Authority

For anybody looking to set up an LLC, being offered the service for free has to be a good deal – and this is exactly the marketing strategy Inc Authority use. And where other free services carry out only the absolute basics for free, Inc Authority do so much more.

From name checks, preparation and filing, to providing a registered agent, access to a business checking account, tax planning and business funding analysis, all this and more is included in a Free LLC or Coporation – all the client needs do is pay the state fees. The catch? There is none, except most customers are blown away by the quality of service. When the time inevitably comes that the client starts looking for additional services, chances are high that they’ll go with Inc Authority and these services carry fees. That loss-leading initial service is an investment in future earnings.

From the Inc Authority website:

Our LLC setup service is 100% free. We’ll waive our service charges, labor costs, and overhead. You only pay the mandatory Secretary of State Fees, which you’ll need to pay regardless of who forms your LLC for you.

So why do we offer it free? Our goal is to earn your trust so you become a loyal customer for life. We strive to be the one-stop shop for all your business startup needs. We provide you with one location where you have access to a comprehensive menu of business startup services that can help you quickly and affordably pave the path to your business success.


23 reviews for Inc Authority

  1. Nicci

    Inc Authority is a COMPLETE SCAM. We used them to set up our towing company in Pa 4 years ago. Went smooth, paid about $1200.00. A year later we moved to AL and had to supposedly switch stuff around thru them for a whopping $3600.00. Then last year we slightly changed our name and opened a garage which cost another $1800.00. They say they take care of everything and are the middle man, well they arent. They dont do a damn thing other then get you your name, which you can do online yourself for about $400.00 and never be hassled again. For a year and a half they held all my tax documents and never sent anything to me or the appropriate places like they said they would.. Then they blamed a short staff for the issue. It litterally took days for them to send me what all they had which nothing was filed or completed. I now have an accountant that does EVERYTHING for me and these people keep sending me harassing emails because we refuse to pay them every year to do nothing. I am now being sent emails saying they are taking me to collections after we have told them several times that we do not want their rip off of a service. People do yourself a favor, find a good accountant and they will literally take care of EVERYTHING for you. Talk to other businesses in the town you are looking to set up in and go off their references. Save yourself the headache from this awful place.

    Oh and when you call them, you will either get a foreigner that you can barely understand and will get quite ignorant with you, or you will get someone that sounds like they are from the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Alright Alright Alright guy selling stocks.

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  2. Nate Ayers

    Company is highly deceptive and many positive reviews appear fake. They form businesses in a manner designed to defraud first time filers by outright lying and creating a system that any normal person would never agree to just to do what I would call scam business owners. The only way to get rid of inc authority is pay more money and file paper work that you think you are paying them to file. But in reality you should just file yourself or with someone else not trying to pull their scams of registered agent etc. Believe the negative reviews. This company can’t be trusted. They hire people to do what is consider grift people over the phone on commission based sales.

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  3. Lesley Kiser

    I closed my business many months ago and they just keep calling and calling and texting for me to renew and pay more money, IM CLOSED don’t they understand I don’t need it anymore but they keep saying they will send to collections if I don’t renew for next year, my year is up that I paid for in advance, BEWARE PEOPLE

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  4. Alfreda Richardson

    I will be honest and fair In Authority.They do have good customer service who speak well.A lot of businesses have foreigners who you can’t understand.I was set up with all my documentation for my LLC and after that after then constantly harassed everyday from someone saying I will need business credit help & it would benefit me. So I decided to get that package. After that not a lot of calls daily like before! Which Makes since cause now that they got my money & the sales pitch worked, No need to bug me so aggressively. It’s been 2 weeks & I got a call about a website & a consultation Appt set up for tax info. So your telling me that for 1500 so far this is all I get ??? No progress with business credit building yet either. My lawyer even said I did not have to spend that much money to build business credit. I could’ve worked on my personal credit instead & then the business credit later as I get my credit score higher. Wow I feel like I wasted half of my emergency fund money on nothing. Next come to find out you can’t just build business credit & your personal credit score is terrible. Personal credit is a big deal.Regardless what Dun & Brad street says .. So for them to just have me believe that all I need to do is build business credit & like magic I will get a bunch lenders knocking at my door trying to give me funds with a very low score on my personal credit. That’s a dream well sold. They check my personal credit each time I inquire about anything to do with credit cards or lending offers even if it’s for business credit. Even some in store rewards credit cards check your Personal credit. So that money I gave them to build business credit could’ve gone to investing in getting my POOR personal credit together FIRST. Which I am currently doing and it makes more since that they would have told me that. Instead they sold me a dream that it didn’t matter about my personal credit score. When it does and I mean it really does matter in a big way. It all balances together not separately. I definitely learned my lesson. If it sounds to good to be true. Well it definitely is….I could’ve put that towards my sons college fund or trust.

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  5. LaBrittany

    I paid for an LLC that was $400+. Great customer service, they tell you “i love your company name, never heard of that company name, I love your business ideas”. Eggs you on and butter you up as they lead to getting your card info. I paid this lump some back in Novemeber. I keep getting emails saying your address is invalid, by then it was December and I still haven’t received my documents. I called and good them my apartment number once again, and I’m still receiving emails as if I didn’t correct this mistake with someone over the phone. It’s February and I still have yet to receive my LLC documents. I basically paid to have the documents online. This has happened more times than it should with other companies. Please don’t waste your time with this scamming company. They have people who are good at bothering up potential customers just to delay their documents with “valid reasonings”. I regret working with this company especially because I’m a college student who quit their 9 to 5 to pursue a career within their degree. Thanks a lot inc authority. You scam so effortlessly!

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  6. Marsean

    I want to say a huge thank you Adachi she helped me with everything I needed I would recommend her assistance to anyone.

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  7. Sarah Lawson

    Did exactly as said and despite trying to upsell me I still had what I consider excellent service and it genuinely WAS free.

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  8. Ebony

    I am very pleased with the services provide by Inc Authority and I want to say how amazing David Ouellette was working SO hard to get the right paperwork done for my company.

    Thanks also to Adachi Amanze for helping me over the phone with my 100s of questions and for filling out the rest of my paperwork.

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  9. Marylynn

    Lost 3544.95!! Work not done correctly after an attorney review.
    I worked with inc authority to create land trust for my properties. Somehow they charged me for 7 ( I did not have 7 properties I wanted to put in a land trust since some were flips. They did work with me on that and credited it to having their company be my servicer ( again no money returned). I was extremely busy flipping several houses and I honestly feel I was taken advantage of. I thought I was getting legal advice which I was not. Instead I was being sold a product. When The drafts were finally completed, I showed them to my attorney who is a real estate attorney. She stated that it seemed risky and that this was not the way I should go for protection. I asked for a refund or even partial refund since they were not drafted. I was paying attorney prices and did not receive sound legal advice. They refused to issue me a credit toward another service or refund. I did my first of many reviews and A***** M******* contacted me and offered me a 50% credit. He and the other staff were always polite. However, I do not have use for any of their services since most can be done for free. I also do not “trust” them now. Trust is very important in an online relationship. The papers were never filed and done incorrectly! I feel as if I was “sold” something. I looked at other 1 star reviews and saw the same thing. Maybe they are ok for something you can do yourself for free but I would not use them for anything complicated. I will be taking my advice from my attorney from now on.

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  10. Callum

    Fully satisfied in my recent dealings with Inc Authority professional company did exactly what they said they would when they would

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  11. Jonah Torres

    Was able to get set up despite lockdown. Everything went without a problem maybe they are quieter now than normal but I found service to be first rate

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  12. AC

    Yes, your LLC will be legit if you use them. HOWEVER, they take advantage of people who do not know what they are doing and make you think you need all of these extras which are essentially useless. Also, J*** lied to us about the charge for filing a statement of information. He said it was $200, of which $180 is necessary and goes to the state no matter where you file it and $20 is the service fee for them taking care of it. He assured me it was complicated and they could do it for us in minutes and he just needed a card to charge. It was $20 to file to the SOS and it was super easy and we did it ourselves in minutes.

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  13. Tony

    Issue 1:
    I never received an official invoice for credit card charges for the formation of three companies

    Requested official invoice 4 times.

    Issue 2:
    The shipping address should have been the same for all three companies, yet, they shipped documents to each different address. This costed me an extra $60 in forwarding fees to my requested shipping address

    Requested address update 5 times via email and phone.

    Issue 3: T**** called every day several times a day until he got my credit card info and order. He hasn’t returned one aftesales email after I gave him $2000 in service charges.

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  14. Fred C

    Truly exceptional service! When they say it’s free, they mean it really IS FREE! Faultless work for my new LLC

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  15. Judy M

    I’d tried doing to myself and had gotten some books from the library but I was soon lost in legal jargon and the forms I’d got were totally different to what the books were saying. What a waste of time as I then got in touch with Inc Authority and I was set up and good to go with literally ZERO headache and all for a couple hundred bucks (I needed some extras)

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  16. Mike

    Cher was super helpful (I don’t think it was THE Cher but I liked to imagine it was) and got me all set up in just over 2 weeks. I couldnt imagine a better service and unbelievably good value for money

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  17. Kathy

    Every communication I had in presale during and after my LLC was live was a pleasure. I want to shout out to Jeffery for both his professionalism and patience with me

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  18. LaDonna

    Professional and speedy service I’m delighted with everything Inc Authority have done in setting me up with an LLC thank you

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  19. Lucas

    Very straightforward website. Once I completed my purchase online, I had a representative call me to discuss the next steps would be. They even walked me through what I needed to sign once all of my business documents came in the mail which was super helpful. They have held my hand the whole time and answer all of my questions quickly!

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  20. Susan

    My partner and I were highly skeptical we’d get an LLC for free (unavoidable state fees apart) but Inc Authority were not only able to get us set up for free, but they provided a huge list of other services that are charged for by every other company, also for free.

    It’s not just the time and effort these people take to do all the required paperwork and formalities, but the time they take to explain the process and offer helpful advice that blows me away. How can they even do this? It’s staggering the value given.

    Hassle-free, easy to use and totally trustworthy, I’d give them 6 out of 5 if I could.

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  21. Hank

    Honest, upfront and to the point Brian helped me without any sales pressure or making me feel rushed, he was the definition of friendly efficiency.

    Very simple process when walked through it although I’m sure had I been left to my own devices I’d be in such a mess and probably heading for major league non-compliance.


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  22. Liam

    Straightforward but not free. I did pay more for some “extras” that I couldn’t do without. When I’m getting free I don’t need money to pay yes?

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  23. D.M.

    So supportive at every step and by taking something that had given me months of stress to and making it both easy to understand and a pleasure to watch experts at work.

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