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The Scam Report team are an army of consumer warriors, volunteers and industry experts, whose sole mission is helping YOU steer clear of scammers.

Kelly and Alison FelixWhat began as one couple’s passion project rapidly transformed into a leading consumer protection website. The brainchild of Kelly and Alison Felix, Scam Report was initially focused on helping it’s users avoid the worst and most common frauds in the credit relief market, a market that’s saturated with scams, fraud and theft.

Having already built a successful consumer advice business in the Credit Repair industry, Kelly wanted to focus on the wider personal loan market as he and Alison uncovered more and more scams affecting every part of the marketplace.

After that the decision was made to look at helping in all of America’s most scammed consumer verticals: especially those in the Investment Opportunity, Business Opportunity and the Dietary Supplement markets.

Scam Report was born – and it’s here fighting YOUR corner!


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