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Money Metals Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Metals Selection: 90%
  Metals Premium: 72%
  Storage Costs: 74%
  Delivery Costs: 97%
  Customer Care: 99%
  Overall: 87%

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About Money Metals

Money Metals Exchange are one of America’s leading gold retailers with a strong focus on “sound-money” education and a well-stocked e-commerce store.

Established in 2009, MMX rapidly rose to be one of the leading online retailers in the US bullion market, with thousands of loyal customers buying for delivery and for holding in their Gold IRAs. Their high standards of customer service are reflected through excellent reviews across all major review sites and their winning US Bullion Dealer of the Year with the metal industry’s consumer protection site, Bullion.Directory.

From the Money Metals website:

Now you can safeguard your assets from financial turmoil and the devaluing dollar – without paying costly middleman mark-ups or fending off high pressure, bait-and-switch sales tactics. Savvy, self-reliant investors are embracing Money Metals Exchange as their trustworthy resource for gold and silver bullion.

The reasons for our rapid growth are simple and straightforward – Money Metals Exchange is secure, private and offers you the most gold and silver for your money. After balloting of more than 20,000 industry insiders and investors across the globe, the company was recently named precious metals “Dealer of the Year” by industry ratings group Bullion.Directory.


19 reviews for Money Metals

  1. M.S.

    Good company out of stock on some items and very average prices but their service quality makes up for it

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  2. Peter

    Good company to work with they know their market inside out. Only quibble is some of the items I like to buy are regularly out of stock.

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