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Vitagene – Round Up:

BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Supplement Quality: 88%
  Supplement Value: 76%
  Supplement Range: 90%
  Ease of Use: 90%
  Customer Care: 81%
  Overall: 85%

About Vitagene

Although Vitagene is a private DNA testing facility and this forms the bulk of it’s business, it also provides a health supplements service based on your unique DNA mapping – a process which highlights potential issues in your body’s health – at a genetic level.

This forms part of their premium plan, but includes a fully tailored supplement plan delivered to your door – alongside a complete diet, exercise and health program designed to improve all aspects of your life – and entirely based on the secrets your DNA code reveals. From feeling energetic, less stressed and being able to sleep better – to helping with weight-loss and enhanced fitness, programs don’t get any more personalized.

From the Vitagene website:

No More Fad Diets. Take Control of Your Health: Discover your ancestry and the best diet, fitness, skin & supplement plans for you.

Feel better. Look better. Live better: Learn which diet, skin, fitness & supplement plans are best suited for your DNA & goals.


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  1. Grant P

    My kit did not arrive and Vitagene tracked this to being an issue with Amazon and USPS. I was issued a replacement a week later so happy with the service and customer team were very helpful whenever I called.

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  2. Louise

    Feeling healthier, more active and more awake since taking the Vitagene packs. It’s not cheap but I’d pay 3 or 4 times that for the improvements I’ve felt and if they continue I’m going to say it’s been a massive success.

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  3. Marcus

    ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING. I love the service and as well as getting recommendations for health I learned we’d originally long time back come from India which I had ZERO idea about as I’d always thought we were Germanic in ancestry.

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