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  Program Quality: 88%
  Program Value: 96%
  Ease of Process: 80%
  Successful Outcome: 84%
  Customer Care: 94%
  Overall: 90%

About Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage take gamification, social incentive, peer pressure and community to a whole new level in this unusual spin on fitness and weight loss. You bet them you can lose weight. If you win the bet you earn money!

Clients can set up personal, group or corporate weight loss challenges, enter their weight goal, time-scale, current stats and a monthly bet amount – and the Healthy Wage app sets a prize which is usually significantly higher than the cumulative monthly wager. If you achieve your goal you win the prize. If you don’t, your monthly wager is used to help pay for another user’s prize. It’s genius.

From the Healthy Wage website:

We use cash prizes to make weight loss and fitness more fun and effective! Our famous HealthyWager lets you make a personalized bet on your own weight loss — prizes up to $10,000. You can play with the Prize Calculator all you want without commitment.

We provide weight loss and step challenges for everyone — you do not need to participate through your company! You can participate in up to ten challenges at a time.


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  1. Emily S

    I’m so happy I found HealthyWage they have motivated me where it matters (in my wallet) where other diets failed (willpower alone). $20 a month it cost me and I just got paid $500 for meeting my target in 9 months! If you have any doubts about whether this is real or not or whether it works, it is and it does!

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  2. Michelle

    Excellent. It seemed too good to be true so I kept my wager low however I’ve met my target and they deposited $923 in my account

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  3. Miss Piggy

    Very good in plan but in practice there are lots of ways to cheat the system which could be improved. I am on target to win my money and could have made more if I’d realized how lax the pre-checks are.

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  4. Grant

    What a clever idea turning weight loss into a literal gamble. My money’s on the line and with some intermittent fasting and keto I can see this being an easy win. I’m already 20lb down and my only wish is I’d made my stake higher as the winnings seem exponential as to how much you put in. 4 months to go and it’s going to be a nice 4-figure reward for what must be the easiest to follow diet on earth.

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  5. Ivan P

    smart idea i will use this again it works

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  6. Miranda

    I bet $900 I could lose my weight, 80lb. I succeeded and was paid $2,972. Sure it could have gone the wrong way and I’d have lost money not fat, but the prospect of losing $900 is quite motivational!!

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  7. Allan

    Although I wasnt able to get my wager even close to the $10,000 win as advertised I did like playing with the weight-loss and amount I’d risk on their tool. In the end I went for a more challenging target which would have me at my perfect body weight and I set the time scale as 6 months which despite encompassing thanksgiving and Christmas would still give me 3 months in the new year to get back on track. My family think I’m crazy giving these guys $750 but they’ll not be thinking that when I get almost 2 grand back.

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  8. Janet

    I just signed up, process was easy and my bet isn’t going to make me rich but all the same fear of loss is enough to make me determined to see this through. Smart idea and boy it really gets into your brain!

    10 out of 10 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Barry

    I had a health scare in February and realized I needed to sort my life out and get fit, healthy and loose some serious poundage. I had no idea this even existed until I saw someone on Instagram saying they’d made $5000 which seemed ridiculous but I was certainly hooked in. Getting paid to lose wait seemed like the perfect solution and I’m in it now for $2000 and put it this way if I get to Christmas and meet my target I’ll be getting the kids something pretty special!!

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  10. Jerry K

    I took the challenge in January and now stuck in my home with little more to do than Netflix and snacks so I’m hoping they have a COVID19 Get Out Of Jail Free Card!

    No but seriously this was the push I needed as losing weight under my own steam never seemed to work. Threat of financial loss and potential of gain is what it took and I’ve been eating better and exercising more.

    I charted my progress and it looks like I’m on target for Christmas but there’s still a lot of months between me and my prize…

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  11. Tommy G

    I overindulged over the holidays or to be more accurate the past 7 years and made a decision to do something about it. I’ve signed up and made a $1000 bet that I can drop 42lb by Christmas 2020. The process was easy if nerve wracking mixed with some pain but all going well and with some financial jeopardy in the mix I could have an even more indulgent if low cal Christmas with my winnings!

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  12. Steph

    I have problems with motiviation and sticking to diets but somehow my fear of losing money overcame this. I did not know fear of loss was such a driving force for me but it REALLY works and I managed to stick to my 6 month weight loss goal. My wager was the exact same money I’d been wasting on my diet club and getting it ALL back PLUS another $400 was super satisfying.

    I will say one negative thing is that I’ve also been working out and even though for a while I was getting leaner I was not losing weight which was a worry for me and turns out muscle is heavy. Perhaps they could add something that looks at body fat rather than simply weight??

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  13. Crys

    A very smart take on the Carrot and Stick. Using the Healthy Wage program I was able to lose 30lb and made $821 profit over my $600 wager. Some of the weight verification process could do with upgrading for people like me nowhere near a representative but online works fine. I needed to lose the weight both for health and my own emotional wellbeing and had failed on at least 5 previous attempts. Having my own money tied up really helped as theres nothing to sharpen the mind quite like the thought of losing 600 bucks. My cash prize was the sugar-free icing on the low-fat cake

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  14. Mark

    I earned $2000 and lost 1/3 of my body weight. If that’s not a good result I don’t know what is!!

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