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Natalie Jill Fitness – Round Up:

BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Training Quality: 96%
  Training Value: 92%
  Ease of Process: 80%
  Desired Outcome: 85%
  Customer Care: 91%
  Overall: 89%

About Natalie Jill Fitness

More than just a fitness or weight-loss program, Natalie Jill’s unique product has become an institution with a cult-like following of devoted users looking to “Level Up” their lives.

With proven results across all shapes and sizes of participants (over 1m to date) Natalie Jill Fitness is about reversing the ageing progress by a combination of diet, exercise and attitude. Available through an app, an online community and 12 best-selling books and courses, Natalie promises a full body reset and has thousands of glowing testimonials to back her up.

From the Natalie Jill Fitness website:

Hi! I’m Natalie Jill and I Kill FAT for a living. Not just the kind on your body (we are ALL familiar with that!) But ALSO that excess F.A.T “False Assumed Truths” you tell yourself! Those truths you know turn into “Self Imposed Stops” and they stop you instantly from getting RESULTS.

I now help woman LEVEL UP their lives and start AGING IN REVERSE.


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  1. selmia

    Natalie Jill you have done so much for women over 40, you are a star and I am working my way to a body reset! 2020 is the year!

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  2. Dana-M

    Natalie Jill is the answer to everything I needed to do to get my body and mind back on a healthy track. I did not have the confidence to go to a gym or ever join a small keep fit club. I was out of shape and with that my confidence was at an all time low.
    Fast forward and I am powering through the full body reset.
    I love the step by step system and the motivational daily videos. I have changed the way I eat/cook/shop.
    It’s not always easy and there have been mornings when I have woken up thinking I don’t want to work out today and yes I have had the occasional slice of pizza but I just think of the future I’ve got now and keep going.
    BTW it sure does get easier to exercise the more you do it – sounds obvious I know! And cooking and eating unprocessed food not only saves your health it saves on grocery bills too.
    Natalie Jane is an inspiration.
    Age 43

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  3. Jayne

    Natalie is an angel a superhero and a fighter she’s made such a difference in my life her trainings and whole approach to living she’s the real deal

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