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Tropical Oasis – Round Up:

BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Supplement Quality: 80%
  Supplement Value: 78%
  Supplement Range: 80%
  Ease of Use: 95%
  Customer Care: 78%
  Overall: 82%

About Tropical Oasis

Why would you swallow pills when you can drink your vitamins? Well that’s the question Tropical Oasis have answered, with their range of liquid vitamins.

Producing high quality, delicious tasting liquid vitamins, Tropical Oasis state that their vitamins are more easily absorbed by the body ensuring that the vitamins get to work sooner – and are easier to swallow – especially useful for those who have difficulty with pills.

From the Tropical Oasis website:

Popping multivitamins is so old-school! Today, vitamins come in a variety of forms, from standard capsules to chewable gummies to liquid supplements. Liquid vitamins, in particular, are able to achieve superior results by altering how nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Liquid vitamins are just what they sound like: a custom recipe of trace minerals and vitamins suspended in potable liquid. It’s kind of like a smoothie on steroids—a potent formula of energy, nutrients, and flavor, all in one on-the-go package. In fact, there are a couple of ways liquid vitamins stand heads and shoulders above the competition.


4 reviews for Tropical Oasis

  1. Karen Flener

    I attempted to order the buy 2 get one free promotion, which their website does not support. The only other way to get a discount is to order the subscription, which you can cancel immediately. I have been trying desperately to cancel my subscription. They do not answer their phones, do not return voicemails, do not respond/return emails, nor do they respond to messages left on their Facebook private message. This company should have a way for a customer to check and change their account and what they want to order and when. You cannot. They do not have an “account” area for you to log into. I thought they would after one places an order. So, I’m guessing I will have to go and cancel my credit card, get a new one so they cannot charge my card for another shipment, that I do not need/want. Do not purchase from this company who has no respect for customers.

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  2. Amber

    The Women’s Liquid multi vitamin was recommended to me and I like it. Not sure I can say there is a stand out difference but nothing wrong either!
    Tip: Mix with water

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  3. Joan

    I have really struggled swallowing pills but really wanted to boost my vitamin intake so I was happy to try liquid vitamins. I have the ‘women’s premium’ as it offers an amazing amount of benefits and is packed with vitamins.
    I am sleeping better now I have started taking it daily and I have noticed that my skin is looking so much better, no more chin and nose blemishes.
    I am just waiting for the anti-ageing to kick in lol!
    The bottle says ‘better absorption rate’ and I guess this must be the case but as I said my reason for choosing liquid vitamins was because I struggle swallowing pills.
    Some days I just take it neat and some days I mix it with some flavored water, I might try it in a smoothie. It does have a great taste and I would recommend trying it.

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  4. C.C.

    These really do taste good!

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