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Social Media Marketing Agency Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A-
Web Ratings:A-
Our Rating:A

Quick Stats:

  Training Quality: 79%
  Training Value: 82%
  Ease of Process: 76%
  Desired Outcome: 69%
  Customer Care: 78%
  Overall: 78%

About SMMA

SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) is a training product designed to help students create, run and grow a digital marketing business – and comes from one of the world’s leading digital marketing authorities Tai Lopez.

Love or hate his style, Tai Lopez has undeniably had a major positive impact on the lives of thousands. His SMMA training course’s aim is for the successful student to open and run their own marketing business yielding $1-10k/mo by providing valuable digital services to small businesses on a monthly retainer – services that SMMA teaches it’s pupils how to supply. This is a well established business model and with the web growing ever more competitive especially for smaller businesses, it’s always going to be a service businesses need.

From the SMMA website:


Since the first release of my Social Media Marketing Agency program, that’s already helped over 35,000 people learn how to start an agency, it’s been refined and updated for 2018. This new version, SMMA® 2.0, now comes with exact email and phone scripts for getting clients.


6 reviews for SMMA 2.0

  1. JoAnne

    I found the main thrust of SMMA useful but some parts were quite vague

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  2. Rob

    I followed the 4-month SMMA course to the letter and at the end of it I had a new LLC and 3 clients who all paid me over $1000 each and every month and I in turn paid someone else $300 to do the work for me. So I make $32k a year before taxes from these three clients and as long as I can keep delivering there’s no reason for them to quit me. I was very uncomfortable at the start because I’m no natural salesman so in the beginning things were very awkward for me and it took a while to get my first client. Tai’s strategies paid off and I was able to work a system where I minimized direct contact. I’m now reading up on ways to scale this into other niches with more money as $1000 is low for these services but I wanted to start small when I was learning the ropes. If you’re on the fence about joining as I was all I can say is if you’re not confident with people there’s maybe a better program for you but if you are willing to learn and are willing to put in a bit of work to start then this can be very good. Social isn’t going away anytime soon and small businesses need to be on it to get the best results. Even if you’re not a 100% expert you’ll know more than them by a long way and when they see the results you can get they’ll come around fast.

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  3. Elle R

    I was super-skeptical but figured I could always get a refund. A couple weeks in and I had a client paying me good money just to upload pictures to his facebook and insta. A lot of what’s taught is basic confidence and some sales but the industry specific advice is gold dust. It’s not hard and people are lazy so are happy to pay someone else to do it for them.

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  4. esteban

    i couldnt get it to work nobody wanted my services said it was too expensive and when i wanted a refund because the job is impossible i was told no because id took the course what ridiculous way to treat customers

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  5. Marian

    Tai Lopez teaches some great courses I’ve done them all including exclusive mastermind sessions. SMMA is the least good course of his I tried but then it’s just not something that appeals to me. If you wanted to run an agency selling services or even reselling services this is for you. If you’re after something more universal take Steps.

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  6. Craig

    SMMA Blueprint is better and much more thorough taking SMMA material and expanding on it

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