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  Training Quality: 94%
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  Desired Outcome: 88%
  Customer Care: 90%
  Overall: 86%

About Jordan Belfort

If getting hard-hitting sales training from one of the most successful (and infamous) sales people of the 20th century is your thing then Jordan Belfort is unbeatable.

Best known as The Wolf of Wall Street and having served time for over enthusiastic market trading, Jordan’s sales style and method is at it’s heart about maximizing sale closes and obtaining higher order values through confidence and self-empowerment. But it’s about so much more than that and Belfort’s training can help in so many aspects of a student’s life, both in a professional and a personal capacity.

From the Jordan Belfort website:

Close More Sales, Make More Money and Live a Happier and More Empowered Life

Jordan Belfort’s proprietary Straight Line Persuasion System is better than ever. The Straight Line System enables him to empower any company or individual, regardless of background, to create massive wealth, abundance, and entrepreneurial success, without sacrificing integrity or ethics.


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  1. Chuck P.

    I’ve been watching Jordan’s videos for almost 2 years now. I started watching his older stuff and it was good don’t get me wrong, but his newer content is excellent. Watching his videos evolve is fascinating and the way he gets his teachings over has come on leaps and bounds. Whether it’s interviews, anecdotes, advice or edited elements from his paid courses if you cannot get a nugget out of everything he releases you’ve got no business being in sales. Book’s great too.

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  2. Sven Peterson

    Man’s a legend, his YouTube channel is the only thing I’m subscribed to, solid gold every day.

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  3. Susan Deloitte

    I saw Jordan getting flack in the papers because he’d started helping out a company that does microstock picks. Not one of these journalists knows even the slightest thing about what they were talking about it was so obvious and were just using it as an excuse to dig up stuff from that past. Jordan Belfort has changed my life both professionally and my personal life and he’s not earned a dime from me. He’s entertaining and funny but under the no-nonsense talk he drops solid gold. Recommend any of his YouTube videos and definitely the book Way of the Wolf

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  4. Ossie P

    AWESOME content but 1000% definitely NSFW! Was listening in my home office and daughter walked in as Jordan went off on a “colorful” anecdote! Now when I have the door closed and slam my laptop shut my wife understands I’m simply wolfing out…

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  5. Winnie Brown

    Subscribed to The Wolf’s YouTube and every notification I’m on in seconds. Entertaining, educational and the lessons learned help in my everyday sales work. Love it! Never stop Jordan no matter what the haters say!!

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  6. Steve Brooke

    Get this mans book. Get on his YouTube. If you don’t you’re missing out big time. $14 well spent.

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  7. Paul P

    Yes he done wrong but you cant blame someone forever for a mistake they made thats why people go to jail and get out when they’ve done their time. He’s done less wrong than any of the big banks did in the run up to 2008 and again now. They done so much worse with drug dealers and money laundering and nobody has gone to jail its business as usual. They are the robbers, Jordan Belfort just took advantage of a system that was rigged to help criminal banks milk poor people and got caught and did his time hes said sorry. And he’s spending his life helping failing sales teams grow business. He’s using his time to educate on how to legitimately grow business no matter what you sell. His videos are free he doesn’t have to do them or make them free but he does. To continually criticize someone for a crime he did years ago and has served his time for is just sad. did you never commit a crime in your life, never did nobody wrong ever? And if you did would you not seek forgiveness at some point or would you forever be damned? I’ve read his Way of The Wolf book 3 times and it’s made a big difference to my work. I watch his videos he knows how it works he calls BS when theres BS. Don’t rate him one star on what he done but what he does.

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  8. Mindy Walker

    Way of the Wolf is an incredible book both as a story (and can Jordan tell a story) but also as a way of learning whats important in direct sales and what isn’t. My book links didnt work but I got to reading his site and watching YouTube and if I still have the cash when this virus is over I’ll take the training

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  9. Guy Roberts

    I spent the holidays just DEVOURING Jordan’s YouTube channel and went ahead and bought his book WAY OF THE WOLF. I’m now looking to do one of his courses SCRIPT BUILDER because that’s where I think I’m weakest in my sales method. What I’ve seen so far I know he’s the guy to take me where I can go

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  10. Mike D

    even though it seems Jordan is very much an analog guy in a digital world when it comes to his online marketing his actual sales training is evergreen and hands down the best available. I had the pleasure of attending his live trainings twice and considering how destroyed his brain must be from all his past excesses he still knows how to hit it out the park. I’d sum up by saying he’s a true genius, yes flawed and for sure mentally conflicted with some guilt for victims of his past crimes, but if you want to know sales and do sales the best you can The Wolf is unbeatable.

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  11. Pat

    Straight Line rules! Book is very good and even though some of the weblinks in it to tonality and objections don’t work its a very worthwhile read. I knew little about Jordan other than from the film but after reading the book I’m hooked on his youtube channel and watching everything from whiteboard wednesdays to his interviews. Most entertaining thing I’ve seen was his interview with Grant Cardone, you’re left in no doubt who the top dawg is!!

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  12. Hank R

    I’m not a natural salesperson in fact I’m shy and actually hate cold calling. I get demotivated by a single rejection and would rather sit in my car than knocking doors.

    But sales is the only job I can get and so I knew I had to do something or I’d lose my home and any last remaining shreds of dignity.

    I’ve read a bunch of sales books and none of them worked and if anything I felt less comfortable following them feeling I was being a fraud.

    Jordan Belfort’s Way of the Wolf came up on my amazon recommended reads and I downloaded it to my kindle. I sat up in bed a Friday night and started reading and I didn’t put it down until it was finished lunch on Saturday.

    It was honestly like a punch in the face or I’d fallen into a bath of iced water, this book hit me hard and there was like this complete sea change in me, a sudden deep realization. I knew EXACTLY where I’d been going wrong and why I’d been such a failure.

    It’s not because I’m shy and not because I’m a loser as I’d been telling myself. It’s because I’D BEEN DOING EVERYTHING 100% THE WRONG WAY. Like seriously if there was an opposite way of walking up to the door like walking backwards thats what I was doing.

    I started small or tried to start small but I actually went all in and started to close appointment after appointment. And when I sat my appointments I started to close sale after sale. And not small sales with big discounts like I’d been doing but selling at near full book. Whole house window replacements, new sun rooms, I was selling so well my manager came out with me because he didn’t believe what he was seeing.

    He sat there his mouth open as I closed a $30,000 deal that I FULLY KNOW he’d price drop to 20. It was crazy. And this is a guy who considers himself to be one of the best sales leaders in the company.

    My monthly sales were up 10x on the previous year, my cancellations were down to zero when they’d been a consistent 30% for years, it was seriously like I was a new man I mean colleagues joked “What have you done with his body” like I was a bodysnatcher.

    And I was a new man. I felt totally different inside, my brain worked totally different.

    This book came at the perfect time, hit me hard when I was already on the floor and then picked me up hit me some more and threw me cross the room.

    You don’t know sales until you’ve read this. Trust me.

    To add to what is a much longer review than I’d planned I’m now 6 months in and am top performer not just in our metro area but in state AND have all-US in my sights.

    Being shy is no excuse. Excuses are just excuses.

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  13. Gavin B

    Jordan’s Straight Line method works like gangbusters. If you’re in sales and can’t overcome objections or can’t close a deal or are doing ok but want to kill it you NEED this training. Even if you can’t afford the courses or the training buy the book Way Of The Wolf because it will change your life. THEN buy the training.

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  14. Marco G

    If you’re in high-end sales this is for you. Complicated methods and pseudo-science don’t work, Jordan Belfort’s do it’s plain and simple. Apply pressure without applying pressure, create urgency without seeming sleazy, this is absolute gold dust.

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  15. Kyle

    I saw Jordan Belfort at a seminar in my native Sydney back in 2014, he was a powerful speaker and surprisingly nice ie not at all as you’d think based on half the stories. Many of the things he taught have stayed with me so it’s great to see you can access all his old materials for free.

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  16. Alexandru

    The Wolf’s material goes from strngth to strngth nobody else no matter what they say can hold a candle to Jordan’s Straight Line. Get his book on kindle it’s the best of its kind.

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