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BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A-
Our Rating:A-

Quick Stats:

  Service Quality: 73%
  Service Value: 69%
  Ease of Use: 86%
  Potential for Profit: 90%
  Customer Care: 71%
  Overall: 77%

About Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper provides an advanced automated crypto trading platform with a free 7-day trial followed by a low monthly service fee and no additional trade fees (other than those charged by the exchanges used)

Although we’re usually VERY wary of any kind of automated trading system, Cryptohopper has thousands of satisfied users for whom it offers a cost-effective way to beat manual traders in what’s a very volatile market – thanks to it’s combination of a high-frequency trading advanced AI alongside excellent manual options and over 120 advanced trade indicators.

From the Cryptohopper website:

Trade automatically, 24/7, based on your technical indicators or subscribe to one of our signalers. Cryptohopper is a powerful crypto trading bot that trades for you!

No experience in trading? Find more than 40 experienced traders that you can copy or buy strategies from. Automate your crypto trading with Cryptohopper, and let the Hopper do the rest. Available online and on mobile!


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  1. Jim B

    Good product, be prepared to spend a little more on pre-built bots if you’re not accustomed to setting up automated trades or setting various limits.

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  2. Mally

    Much as earlier review pointed out I was worried about it being a scam and so was super-wary but I needn’t have worried. The system is easy to use and the ready made bots in the market are excellent. The sheer volatility of the market is made for these high speed trades and a good bot can rack up some really decent results after only a few fast paced sessions. Look for good feedback as with less well tested bots its your money that’s the guinea pig.

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  3. Ichika

    I was emotional trader so many time not success. I have good strategy and good plan and so I do good mostly until emotion cloud my way in large market move and I lose gain. Now I give instruction to bot to follow plan and I walk away with hands not on the keys. I leave it to bot make work and see big success of no emotion attachment.

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  4. Kirstie

    At first I thought this was one of those auto-bot-trader scams you hear about but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Firstly it’s not fully automated, you need to set what the bot will do and how it will act in different market conditions.

    This sounds complex but it isn’t and what it amounts to is a useful timesaver that means you don’t need to hang around watching the screen as you do on many trading apps. Programs can be simple or complex and can be set up to act exactly as an expert trader would trade and set running 24-7.

    If you’re inexperienced and want to copy other trader’s strategies you can buy their actual bot programmed to trade as THEY do so your account can emulate those trades on your behalf. This is great if someone has a good and profitable track record.

    Bear in mind no matter how good a bot can be the crypto market can see massive drops and price rises so you do have real risk in there. A bot can execute your trade quicker in big price moves especially if you’re not at the computer when the move happens but you can still lose big.

    Altogether this is a superb system and I’ve really enjoyed using it and have build gradually more and more advanced bots as my time has gone on. It’s a very worthwhile service especially at the $99 price point and my account is up more than $7k despite BTC being overall down over the same period.

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  5. Ushi

    very helping my win on alt coins

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  6. Dorian Nakamoto

    I gave this service a try on a friends recommendation even if I was very sceptical of the whole Bot Trading model as I saw a colleague taken for a lot of money from a trading bot scam. I did the seven day trial and it all looked legit so I signed up for Explorer Hopper which was cheapest option at 20 bucks. It was actually very good and I’d still be using the service had a change of plans meant I’d not be able to stick at it. It’s not a scam that’s for certain and the help was a lot more than I’d expect for the price. One thing I will say is at the basic package your choices and tools are limited and this is the same across the different packages until you get to the top at 100 bucks a month so if you want to get the most from cryptohopper I’d suggest don’t bother with the lesser options unless like me you’re just making sure all is well first.

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