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  Service Quality: 79%
  Service Value: 74%
  Ease of Use: 68%
  Potential for Profit: 86%
  Customer Care: 81%
  Overall: 77%

About DayTraderPro

DayTraderPro is a mentorship and mastermind trading program from Guy Gentile where members watch real traders working and hitting profitable trades live.

One of the best ways to learn anything to a high standard is to repeatedly watch, understand and copy the work of someone who’s highly proficient in what your wish to learn. With DayTraderPro this is exactly what members do as they watch live trades being made by a small team of professional traders, complete with a running commentary explaining everything that’s both being done and why it’s being done.

From the DayTraderPro website:


Our DayTraderPro live trading room is one of the most effective ways of learning and growing as a day trader. You will have access to an invaluable resource; Professionals. Our pro traders walk you through their trades and offer insight into how they use logical technical analysis to anticipate the markets future trend – and its all LIVE!


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  1. Zac

    I’d always wanted to be a trader and felt I was missing something. DayTraderPro is like like hooking up to the matrix I honestly feel like I’ve downloaded a new way of thinking

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  2. Kel

    Did not look value to me and I cancelled without a problem

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  3. Benjamin

    you can read books day and night and I HAVE read a LOT of trading books but NOTHING comes close to being able to sit with a pro and watch them work magic. When you see it happen, when know the why and the reasoning and you see the clicks and the actions somehow all of this and all you knew before just connects up and your brain has this WOW moment. THATs what’s so good about DTP. It’s the best money I’ve dropped on training in my life.

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