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BigCommerce – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:B
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Program Quality: 88%
  Startup Costs: 75%
  Running Costs: 68%
  Profit Potential: 78%
  Customer Care: 96%
  Overall: 81%

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce provides a wide range of e-commerce solutions for small, medium and large businesses, helping increase profits and conversion rates whilst reducing the negatives.

Where Shopify rules the small business market in terms of affordable and easy to operate e-comm products, BigCommerce is best geared up to established businesses with either no web store or a failing store and it’s this segment of the market where it has Shopify beat on all fronts.

From the BigCommerce website:

Our purpose at BigCommerce is to power success for brands. That goes beyond creating the best commerce platform on the market; it means revolutionizing the way people shop, work and live.

We’re dedicated to our merchants, guided by our values and powered by our people. That has let us rapidly grow from a 2-person startup to a global team of hundreds that has helped retailers make billions of dollars in sales.



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