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  Product Quality: 92%
  Product Value: 74%
  Product Range: 80%
  Ease of Use: 90%
  Customer Care: 79%
  Overall: 84%

About Snow Tooth Whitening

Snow produce one of America’s leading tooth whitening systems, selling a range of advanced tooth whitening kits through their e-commerce website at

Described by Time Magazine as “The Apple of Teeth Whitening”, Snow’s 500,000 users enjoy reliable and guaranteed in-home tooth whitening using kits that take the form of a serum, application wands, accelerating mouthpiece and a whiteness-tracker – and each kit comes with a 5 year warranty.

From the website:

After spending thousands of dollars trying to whiten his teeth, our founder was left with pretty much the same smile he started with. There had to be a better way. Strips are weak, messy, and the results never last long enough. In-office dentist options can work, but often result in sensitivity, negative side effects, and cost too much to keep up with.

Snow bridges the gap by cutting out middlemen and bringing groundbreaking technology affordable for everyone to order online.


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  1. Grace Wilson

    I LOVE my magic wand it’s made such a difference to my confidence and no need for expensive cosmetic treatments. I noticed minor sensitivity, but no more than I’ve had in the past with whitening toothpastes.

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  2. Ron Flynn

    I saw a documentary on YouTube, think it was a t-shirt business or something and he was interviewing Snow’s owner. It was fascinating and interesting to see the business side. I was so struck by the guys integrity, the development story and his clear passion for the product I went ahead and bought the basic kit.

    So far I’m delighted with the results, my teeth have clearly become less stained and while it doesn’t look like I’m wearing veneers it does look like I’ve had work and colleagues have commented positively.

    I have sensitive teeth so I was concerned there would be a negative there and yes my overall sensitivity has increased slightly but no more so than after a sugary drink or eating sweet fruit.

    Using snow is also making me more careful with what I eat and drink after all I don’t want to undo the work it’s done so its goodbye to red wine and tannin rich foods and drinks.

    Couldn’t be happier so far and have recommended it to so many people I should get a job with them!

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  3. Greg Thomson

    Snow got rid of 10 years worth of coffee stains in a month. I wouldn’t have believed it as my dental surgeon had said I’d need expensive treatment. I found the mouthpiece a little uncomfortable to start but after a few days I was used to it. No sensitivity at any point. I also took the opportunity to give up coffee, 2 months clean!

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  4. Vega 32

    This is a great teeth whitening system. My Mom bought it for me – not sure if she was dropping a massive hint here but I did nor think my teeth were in anyway stained! After using it I did really notice a difference to my teeth color so who am I to question Mom wisdom ha ha ha! I have notice she did not buy the serum refill though ha ha ha! Keep smiling 🙂

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  5. Poppi

    I purchased the the all-in-one-teeth-whitening-kit because I felt I needed a top up between appointments with the dental hygienist. It actually does make a difference but you do have to keep using it to keep the whiteness. Like most whitening treatments its not the best taste but better than having yellow teeth don’t you think! ! 😁
    Look for coupon codes or sale offers to stock up.

    7 out of 8 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Timmy

    Great product. Definitely got what I expected for the money I paid. Totally recommend this if you are looking for a long term teeth whitening.

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  7. Ren

    Excellent! 🦷 keeps my teeth white, I have cut back on coffee too (savings all round!)

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  8. Bart Macsween

    Highly effective product my teeth felt slightly more sensitive after use but not as much as other kits I tried

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  9. Emma

    I’m a UK customer and bought the “Snow Teeth Whitening Kit All-in-One at-Home Teeth Whitening System” on Amazon at £190 including postage. I friend recommended Snow to me because I’d been having trouble with sensitive teeth when using whitening toothpaste to the point my dentist told me to stop using it. Of course the dentist also offered to whiten my teeth for £400.

    I was a little put off by the price but even so it was less than half what the dentist would charge and was mostly drawn to the reviews for it’s effectiveness WITHOUT sensitivity, plus my friend swore by it.

    The pack arrived in 4 days and had been well packed, I opened it and was surprised by the high quality even if the instructions could have been clearer. The USB plug was useful and much better than having to use the mains.

    Application of the serum was easy but I did have to squeeze hard to get it started and I was worried the pen would break. Painting was mostly easy but my tongue kept getting in the way when doing back teeth.

    The mouthpiece fitted well and held in place and I was able to get on with some work without it being a bother.

    I kept checking and was sure I could see a slight change even 10 minutes in and after 20 there was a definite improvement in the colour of my teeth. I suffer from migraines and was worried the bluish colour of the special LEDs could set one off but there was no problem there.

    It’s now been just over 2 weeks of use and using the tooth colour chart I would say I’ve moved 4 possibly 5 shades lighter and I’ve barely used any of the liquid, and importantly for me I’ve noticed zero increase in sensitivity so a huge success.

    14 out of 15 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Grant P

    I was skeptical that Snow would do much for me given the price but I was wrong. As a heavy coffee drinker my teeth were fairly dark and have been for years despite using whitening toothpaste.

    After only a week of using Snow my teeth were probably half as dark as they had been, still not white but much better.

    After a month’s use they were noticeably whiter to the point that colleagues commented, one even wondering if I’d had “work” done.

    Not wanting to ruin this change I’ve cut back on coffee (and red wine!) and started drinking green juice so I’m feeling healthier too and sleeping better.

    Well worth the little effort especially if your teeth ding your confidence like mine did.

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  11. Jimmy O

    The serum works well I found a color change just from using the wand not the special light

    7 out of 8 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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