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BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Training Quality: 91%
  Training Value: 87%
  Ease of Process: 74%
  Desired Outcome: 88%
  Customer Care: 95%
  Overall: 87%

About Property MOB

Property MOB (Makers Of BadAss investors) is both a tight-knit community and training program all about building a real estate business using automated wholesale transactions, below market value deals and property flipping to maximize cashflow and profits.

Through clever outsourcing and automation of efficient processes and rapid deal turnarounds, “MOBsters” are able to make consistent profits from deals where investors taking a more manual and hand-on approach would fail. Rapid turnaround and no-money down deals are the holy grail of new investors and Property MOB’s founder Tracy Caywood has done this more than 1000 times on single-family units alone. In the Property MOB community, these types of deals are the norm rather than the exception.

From the Property MOB website:

You can make money in the real estate wholesaling business when you hang out with the Property M.O.B. – Proven systems and techniques to make your real estate business EASY. From beginner level to 20-year veterans, there’s something you can learn from.

If you’re brand new to the business of real estate wholesaling, and looking for accurate and reliable information, then this is the place for you. There’s alot of garbage out there, and plenty of advice that you shouldn’t take. You can trust in us to get you through your first real estate deals.


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  1. Oscar

    a treasure of a find. Not what I was expecting at all and not what I thought property investment was but wow now my eyes are open to what can be

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  2. BOBBY

    Do yourself a favor and get onboard with the MOB, never been in such a friendly and knowledgeable community as this, if you’re wanting to make a serious go of real estate this is it.

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  3. Flipper

    Amazing and supportive community much better than anything else I’ve tried as everywhere else people are trying to sell you on something but not here.

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    The Property M.O.B. community is like family and the help and guidance they’ve given me in setting up my wholesaling business has been invaluable

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