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Avoiding Real Estate Investment Scams

To an extent everybody understands real estate. We live in real estate, we’re surrounded by it and almost everyone knows at least somebody who’s made a lot of money buying, selling, flipping, holding, renting, building or developing real estate.

And it’s true – there are more ways to make money from real estate than any other common investment.

You can build a rental portfolio, you can buy foreclosed homes, you can build homes, restore homes, find “no-money-down” deals – or go pro and train as a realtor. And that’s just looking at residential property.

And in rising property markets when we see people making good money from all these different routes to real estate investment it’s tempting to get started yourself.

At which point you may as well have a target on your back. This is because where there’s greed and a crowd, or a growing fear of missing out – there are scammers.

Real estate scams fall broadly into two camps – those selling tools and those selling investments.

Tools are how-to guides, training programs, systems and software claimed to help you get started, find deals, find financing and rent or sell your investment when you’re done.

Investments are the real estate properties themselves, from homes and buildings to empty land.

Both can leave you out of pocket with little redress.

So how can you protect yourself when looking for real estate investments?

  • Only use legitimate and trusted companies or services, such as those we list above.
  • If a deal looks too good to be true – it probably is. Check claims made for tools and training and check title deeds, ownership, restrictions and zoning for properties. There will be an obvious issue with any scam once you start looking carefully.
  • Check a service company’s credentials at the BBB and with your local Chamber of Commerce if they are in-state.
  • Read online reviews – is there a pattern of complaints with the company or service concerned?

Finally remember – like any investment, property values can go down as well as up.

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