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  Product Quality: 81%
  Product Value: 76%
  Ease of Use: 85%
  Security: 89%
  Customer Care: 75%
  Overall: 81%

About Ledger

Ledger provide a range of highly secure physical cryptocurrency wallets for all mainstream cryptocurrencies and hundreds of smaller coins.

Fully certified as ultra-secure by the French governmental cyber security agency (Ledger is a French company) all Ledger devices are considered one of the safest way to keep your currency offline in a physical portable device.

From the Ledger website:

If you are looking for a secure way to store your crypto assets, you have probably thought of using a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is an offline, “cold” storage secure device, enabling you to protect the private keys giving access to your assets.

Ledger is the first and only certified hardware wallet on the market. At Ledger, we believe that security is paramount to trust. We also believe that trust needs proof. Without it, is just faith. If you didn’t trust us yet, we are proud to announce that Ledger is now the first and only hardware wallet independently certified for its security by ANSSI, the French cyber security agency.


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  1. Joey D

    I’ve owned a Ledger and a Trezor and the Ledger wins by a nose. Both are good at what they do but I think the Ledger is better built, it just feels more solid

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  2. Matt D

    Nice kit and gives an added confidence. Would I keep my entire investment in a single Nano? Not a chance, but a few Nanos make an excellent risk reduction tool for long-term HODLERS especially in conjunction with other offline cold storage methods

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  3. F Kowalski

    I love my Nano and so relief to be offline now as my BTC value has gone higher and higher multiply 10, so to be free of hack dangers is welcome. Will medium be reliable in 5 years I not sure but by then I upgrade as physical technologies improve

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