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About Index Income

Index Income is a comprehensive training course from Perfect Portfolio, the team behind Cash Flow Gold and a number of other profitable trading or investment methods

Focused on Index Funds, Index Income shows how to make a solid &% compounded and inflation-adjusted return along with a 12-26% annual cash flow. In a time of low interest rates on savings and low returns on many traditional low-risk assets, Index Income shows how to generate income and capital growth from one of the most solid long-term investments available.

From the Index Income website:

Own The American Dream, All Of It. Since 1892 one investment that has never let investors down is the United States Stock Market. With solid returns for so many years, picking stocks is risky, picking America, isn’t.

By learning this strategy you’re using Warren Buffett’s own succession plan. He’s stated numerous time, upon his passing his wealth managers will be instructed to put 90% of his wealth in an Index Income like strategy.


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  1. David T

    My partner and I took out the option to use all of Minesh’s services the index property and the gold and pleased with the contents. There is a slight degree of overlap as someone mentioned but that’s probably just because the systems are all based around a similar methodology. The markets are currently a little rocky but the method has seen us do OK even during this crisis. Gold is particularly interesting at the moment, both using this method and buying the physical. I’m dropping one mark as some of the content is clearly repurposed from some other project rather than being re-shot otherwise this would be in my eyes a perfect program

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  2. Alan

    I bought this with their Gold Passive Income course and the two are quite similar in their method and course content. That’s not to say they’re not both valuable as stand-alone courses and the differences are worth the extra money, but once you know how the system works you can apply it to a number of different investments, which is exactly what I’m doing. If you want to save money, I’d suggest just one or the other.

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  3. Gerry

    Basic system and it works but if I’m honest you could learn the same on youtube if you knew where to look.

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