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Why Goldco? Why are Goldco in The Trusted Directory?

checking a company outThe precious metals investment market is cut-throat. It’s a market we know well with two of our senior team having spent a combined 19 years working in the bullion investment field.

In this time we’ve learned all the dirty tricks used, hidden fees charged and sleight of hand shenanigans, even outright fraud that bullion dealers use to obtain maximum profit from naive investors.

In fact, of over 650 U.S. bullion dealers listed in the industry book, we’ve only added a handful to our Trusted Directory. And of that small handful of carefully vetted firms, there’s one company we come back to again and again for their honesty, transparency and the quality of their customer care. That’s Goldco.

Goldco Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Metals Selection: 81%
  Metals Premium: 96%
  Storage Costs: 92%
  Delivery Costs: 91%
  Customer Care: 97%
  Overall: 92%

Goldco in Brief

goldco company logoGoldco are one of America’s top precious metals dealers, specializing in asset diversification with a specific emphasis on providing precious metals in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. They offer additional diversification in cryptocurrencies available through their sister company CoinIRA.

First established in 2006, and becoming known as Goldco in 2011, the company rapidly established themselves as gold retirement specialists with some of the highest ratings in the industry thanks to their high standards of customer care. This can be seen through excellent reviews across all major review sites and continued industry commendations for service and ethics.

From the Goldco website:

Goldco Precious Metals’ mission is to provide Americans with a powerful option to protect their IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified retirement accounts from the market volatility and inflation that take an irreparable toll on your savings. This singular dedication and service has made us the number one Gold and Silver IRA provider in the Nation.

Inc. Magazine named Goldco Precious Metals the #3 fastest-growing financial services company in the U.S. Our business and reputation are built on trust, and the relationships our customers build with their personal Gold IRA experts are an extension of that same trust. We maintain 5 star ratings of consumer trust sites like Consumer Affairs, Trustlink, TrustPilot, and the BBB.

Visit Goldco Website

Why We Like Goldco

preparing goldco reportWhen carrying out our initial investigations into Goldco for their inclusion in our Trusted Directory, we were struck by how different their approach was to many other companies in the gold market.

Where rivals would hard-sell a particular investment (and we do mean HARD) Goldco showed a genuine dedication to customer care, being patient and taking time to find out what was most suited to our mystery shoppers' individual circumstances.

Our team repeatedly noted Goldco had advised against investments other bullion dealers were pushing – and in one instance even told our undercover reporter that precious metals would not be a good match for their needs.

We found everyone we dealt with were both highly knowledgeable and passionate believers in precious metals, investing heavily in the metals themselves, which is always a good sign. The several brokers we spoke to came from diverse industry backgrounds and had very different professional skillsets – but what shone through was an underlying honesty in what they were doing and a real desire to help.

Goldco may not be the biggest dealer or even the cheapest, but as true specialists we don't think they can be beat.

Goldco's Specialist Services

Gold IRAs and Gold 401k Rollovers

gold ira servicesGoldco are best known for their specialist work with retirement accounts, helping clients set up, transfer or rollover to a Self-Directed IRA containing a percentage of physical precious metals.

This is particularly useful for clients looking to diversify or de-risk their 401k or IRA thanks to gold’s longstanding use as a hedge against market crashes.

In our current geo-political climate it’s never been more important to not keep all your investment eggs in a single basket such as stocks and shares. As a recent example of gold proving it’s true worth, in the 2008 crash when millions of retirement accounts lost over half their value – gold soared in price – helping insulate accounts from crippling losses.

Goldco’s excellent free Investment Guide explains the step by step process and multiple benefits gold IRAs hold from their built-in tax efficiency to acting as an added layer of security.

For those considering a Gold IRA, Goldco are offering a time-limited Free Silver Coin with every IRA form filled.

Portfolio Help and Asset Diversification

gold for asset divesityFor those not looking to buy gold in a tax-efficient IRA, Goldco provide expert advice with investment portfolio diversification.

Their highly experienced team and qualified advisors can offer one-on-one help in assigning a weight of gold and other precious metals to any portfolio based on client needs, goals and risk appetite.

Freecall (855) 754-4226 for no-obligation help today.

Secure Bullion Storage and Vaulting

bullion vaulting servicesWhether as part of a Gold IRA, or for clients with bullion portfolios, Goldco works with leading American vaulting facilities.

Professional bullion vaulting provides the ultimate in insured specialist security for any precious metals investments, completely eliminating the serious risk of theft involved with home storage.

Request your storage information guide here.

goldco review for fees and costsGoldco Costs, Fees and Service Details

Goldco sell precious metals both as IRA and non-IRA transactions.

Minimum investment levels:

Non-IRA: $3,500
IRA: $25,000

Setup Fees:

Non-IRA: $0
IRA: $260
Consisting of $50 set up fee, $80 annual maintenance fee, $100* storage fee, $30 wire fee

Annual Fees:

Non-IRA: $0
IRA: $180
Consisting of $80 annual maintenance fee, $100* storage fee

*$100 storage fee is for non-segregated storage. Add $50 for segregated
Scam Report’s Goldco Promotions:

  • Free non-segregated storage for non-IRA customers (worth $100)
  • First year fees waived for IRAs over $50,000
  • Free precious metals up to 5% of order value for any orders over $50,000

To use these promotions, simply call (855) 754-4226 and mention Scam Report

Goldco's Winning Approach

The precious metals industry is highly competitive, working on very tight profit margins. To win new customers, many dealers have found themselves in a desperate race to the bottom, cutting costs, making impossible promises and in several highly public cases going so far as committing actual fraud.

Cutting every penny hurts both the customer through poor service and the company’s health. In the past 6 years, eight major bullion dealers have gone bankrupt or been closed down by the CFTC, owing their customers millions of dollars and tying up client gold in years of legal fighting.

Goldco on the other hand seem to be taking the stance that offering their clients the best possible service is the only way forward. While they may be a single penny on the dollar more expensive than their lowest budget rivals, what they can offer in quality of service far outstrips that negative.

gold ira servicesWhere competitors’ cost-cutting sees their commission-only sales teams trying to squeeze every penny out of every call – Goldco’s focus is on building a strong family of experts, paid fairly and valued for their market knowledge.

This ensures every customer always receives the right advice for their situation – not a hard sell for whatever pays most commission.

It’s little wonder Goldco are consistently rated top in the US market, winning a slew of bullion industry awards for client care.

Proper Education Leads to Proper Investing

At Scam Report we’re always advising “Do your research, get the facts”. This is clearly a belief Goldco share with us, being summed up perfectly in their free investor packages they send to any prospective investors.

Clients can only make proper investment decisions based on proper factual information, rather than hype and clever marketing talk – and for their part Goldco puts together fully custom investor kits depending on what a client’s needs are.

Our mystery shoppers tested if this was the case and did indeed receive different mixes of printed books, quality booklets and useful brochures as well as digital guides sent as PDFs in line with what they spoke about.

Each physical pack we ordered was received in the mail 1-2 days after we called, beating the competition by an average of 6 days.

Depending on your investment priorities different guides can be ordered on (855) 754-4226 or alternatively a basic investor pack can be ordered on this page.

goldco free gold investor kit

As mentioned previously Goldco are offering a free Special Edition Silver Coin, while stocks last. This is to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary and is shipped with kits when an IRA form is filled*

*Terms and conditions apply, one per customer, see website for details and availability.

Goldco Review – In Conclusion

goldco best ira companyWe like Goldco for several reasons, but key to this is their focus on customer care and the underlying honesty and tranparency in the way they do business.

They know Americans have a wide choice when it comes to making a gold investment, with over 650 U.S. bullion dealers currently listed in the industry directory – yet they take a firm stance when it comes to refusing to drop service quality in the face of price competition.

Does this make them expensive?   Only if a penny on the dollar more than their budget rivals can be considered expensive.

But is their industry-topping level of specialist care and advice worth it?   ABSOLUTELY!

Visit Goldco Website

Shopper Report

mystery shopper reportTo review Goldco Precious Metals we carried out several mystery shops.

First we examine their pre-sale approach looking for any red flags such as hard-selling, miss-selling, or “bait and switch” (a technique that is sadly common among bullion dealers).

We do this as if we are real customers, starting with a web search – and for our Goldco review we used two testers who had no prior experience with precious metals investments and one who knows the market well.

All three shoppers carried out web searches for terms such as “gold ira“, “best gold ira” and “gold IRA rollover” – followed by direct named searches for “Goldco” and “Goldco reviews“.

Without fail they were able to find both Goldco and a large number of positive user reviews across several major review platforms.

First impressions of the Goldco website were good with a customer service agent offering to help via chat within moments of arrival.

Navigation was clear and key information on the website was easy to find with a prominent offer to receive a free gold IRA guide.

Our shoppers liked the trust icons on the homepage and were happy to see an A+ rating with the BBB. The experienced bullion shopper noted that several IRA specialists had recently lost their A+ rating and it was good to see Goldco had held onto this during the BBB’s reevaluation.

The shoppers browsed the site, watched several informative videos and looked at available e-book downloads, giving the Goldco website an average rating of 89/100 on first impressions.

At this point the shoppers made first contact, two via the information request form, one via the freecall number on (877) 460-2824

Within 5-6 minutes, both form fillers, one experienced, one inexperienced, received calls from Goldco to confirm shipping details for the guide and to get a better idea of their needs.

All three shoppers commented on the general helpfulness of the brokers they spoke with, lack of any hard-sell and the way Goldco were able to rapidly formulate the best way they could help, extracting key information, risk appetite and other facts without being invasive.

The shopper with experience of the bullion market noted the person he spoke to had an excellent grasp of the metals market, products and investment strategies.

The calls lasted an average of 23 minutes and were non-threatening, in one case even “enjoyable”.

One kit arrived the next day, the other two in two days – all were well packaged and of high quality, containing useful information.

Each shopper was called on day three to confirm arrival and to ask if they had any questions regarding the guide. Questions were answered succinctly and there were further questions asked of the shoppers to ensure whether or not gold would be the right investment for them.

At this point two of the mystery shoppers declared their role so as to not waste the broker’s time – and commended them on their customer handling skills and lack of pressure.

All three shoppers gave Goldco an average of 96/100 for pre-sales communication.

It’s rare that we carry out a full mystery shop up to purchase for high ticket items, but in this case one of our shopper team decided to proceed with an investment.

One of the shoppers, who until now had never considered precious metals as an investment, was now interested in taking things further, explaining she was going to “look at other companies” before getting back to Goldco.

In our experience of mystery shopping other gold dealers, this can often lead to aggressive sales techniques and near constant sales calls, but again the Goldco agent understood and advised her what to look out for when speaking to other companies, before agreeing to call back in two days.

The shopper did indeed experience some of the negative aspects of the gold IRA market with three other companies she called, all in California – typically a much more aggressive sales pressure and after requesting information packs, multiple calls daily.

She commented that the other companies could not offer the large amount of free silver they had advertised and one tried to sell her on expensive collector coins – both things she had been warned about by her Goldco contact.

As promised, she received a call from Goldco two days later and after further discussion and specific questions regarding her current IRA account she was transferred to an IRA Specialist who was able to walk her through the process of setting up a new IRA (her existing one was not suitable).

Further information was gathered and the shopper completed her application to establish an account and the new Self Directed IRA was opened.

The next stage involved liquidation of some of her original IRA and transfer of funds over to the new SDIRA. This took longer than expected, but was down to the original IRA custodian not being set up to accept digital signatures. All Goldco elements worked well.

Three weeks later and the funds were transferred to the shopper’s new Gold IRA with custodian Equity Trust Company and she spoke again with the Goldco account executive, finalizing what metals would be purchased – a combination of approximately 60% gold, 40% silver bullion in bars and coins, totaling just under $37,000.

Purchasing was carried out at a time to take best advantage of a temporary drop in the gold price, which more than covered total costs and fees of the transfer and new account opening.

Overall, the shopper was very happy with the whole process over the 5 week period between initial contact and having vaulted metals. Fees were exactly as discussed and all pricing was fully transparent.

She scored the sales process at 97/100


Goldco Precious Metals deserve their high scores across ratings boards and skew of awards for customer care.

They provide old-school customer care as if from a bygone era when businesses were family run – and this is definitely not the norm in precious metals.

The fact that one of our secret shoppers felt safe enough to hand over $37,000 of her retirement funds on an assignment, speaks volumes for what they stand for.

Visit Goldco Website

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    i requested information book from you did not receive it and nobody phoned me???

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