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Diet Direct – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Product Quality: 89%
  Product Value: 94%
  Product Range: 90%
  Ease of Use: 90%
  Customer Care: 96%
  Overall: 92%

About Diet Direct

Diet Direct are a leading meal-replacement provider, supplying high quality protein based shakes, juices and bars to retail customers as well as hospitals physicians and weight-loss clinics.

Despite their large-scale usage and national coverage, Diet Direct remain a small and friendly company offering the kind of traditional helpful service that’s sadly missing with most of the big players in the health and diet industry. This customer care combined with their excellent range of great tasting products and free shipping make Diet Direct one of our favorite companies in the niche and a company that some of our team use regularly.

From the Diet Direct website:

The products we carry are carefully selected to help you achieve your ideal weight in a healthy manner and maintain that look for life. We’re so confident in our selection process, that we back each item you order with a Money Back Guarantee.

Diet Direct is the home of The WonderSlim Diet Plan; an easy to follow plan that continues to produce real results for real people. Our full line of WonderSlim high protein foods and weight loss supplements is backed by an exceptional 150% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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  1. Sue

    I have the Wonderslim Basic 4 week diet plan started on Monday because I have eaten too much over the holidays and I am going skiing in february and i am not buying new ski wear! I like the fact that I have [what I need for meal replacements so just have to maintain the discipline when shopping but looking forard to positive results at the end of the 4 weeks.
    4 stars not 5 because I chose the best sellers option and there are a few flavors I would not have gone wit.

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  2. Guy

    Love this company, love the products but Black Friday discount did not work for me

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  3. Paula

    I have found that getting started on a weigh loss journey can be hard but keeping on going can be harder still. Just changing a few elements of your daily routine can be the difference you need and it has and is still working for me.

    It can be really difficult sticking with an extreme diet change, by this I mean changing all the types of food you would normally eat. Cutting back on portion sizes is a great place to start – choose a smaller plate so the lighter helping doesn’t look lost on the plate.

    I decided to go with the core 4 week diet plan from Diet Direct which uses meal replacements and grocery bought food (healthy meals you prepare yourself). It was tough at times but the results were showing and I just kept going!

    Once I adjusted to the food plan I found that the snacks and shakes kept me feeling satisfied and I was no longer searching the cupboards for cookies! I particularly like the fact that Diet Direct offers Aspartame Free Wonderslim meal replacement shakes/puddings. I have these now as I am wanting to keep the weight loss going but at a slower pace.

    Sometimes I have the shake as a pudding and it is worth making it in advance and keeping it in the fridge as it does thicken up. Other times its a delicious drink mixed in a blender with crushed ice. The variety of flavors is great and if you are going to try it I would recommend the variety pack as you will soon find your favourites!

    Weight loss journeys are different for everyone, I wouldn’t want to go back to how I looked or felt and today was a good day for me. Good luck if you are going to give it a try.

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  4. Lois

    The protein shakes are awesome – I love the mocha and the chocolate mint – try it and you’ll see the weight drop off – I have lost 38 POUNDS in such a short time! Now I’m ordering them for my husband as he keeps drinking mine!

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  5. Nolleen J.

    I LOVE THE PUDDINGS!! Y’all know that giving up the good stuff can make the diet hard but DD got it sorted.

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