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Five Step Verification

Every entry in the Scam Report Trusted Directory has to pass an exacting 5-step verification

Only companies, services or products that pass are allowed in – and can be subject to removal if they drop down in their ratings.

What do we do to ensure we only list the most trustworthy names in markets that are prone to a high risk of scam? And how can you be sure to trust what you read?

Every listing passes these same five crucial steps:

initial web search

#1 Initial Research

We have a first look at the company website and get to know what their service or product offering is. It’s not just what they’re selling but what do they say and how do they say it.

Do they have basic legal compliance with the industry they work in? Are they saying anything that sets of alarms?

Do they carry adequate disclosures, contact information and other legal policies?

Would we trust this company with our own money?

#2 Detailed Research

If they pass step one (and many don’t) we look at the company in detail. We read online reviews, we look up financials and check with the BBB as well as government sites to see if there are any issues facing the company.

We check if the company has an affiliate program and if so what their affiliates are saying. Are they complying with advertisement laws? Do they look to be carefuly managed by a respectable company – or is it like the Wild West?

This step gets rid of many obvious scams, or companies treading a fine legal line.

#3 First Contact

Going undercover, we’ll call up the company we’re looking at with buyer-type questions, or we might submit an information request or send an email.

We do this to see how our call or request is handled. Are we treated professionally? Does the company respond to our request quickly? How well does the customer services agent help us with our inquiry?

Do we get any hard sell or feel pressured in any way? After the call does it appear that they’ve sold our information on to other sales operations. Many do!

If all goes well it’s time for step #4…

#4 Secret Shopper

One of the secret shopper team will either make a purchase if it’s a simple product or go further into a company’s service.

How is our order handled? Do they treat us how we’d expect? Is what they say and do in compliance with the laws surrounding their market niche?

What quality of product or service do we receive? Does it do what’s advertised? If it’s a training – can we realistically take what we’ve learned and make it work for us?

The secret shopper’s decision carries most weight in our assessment.

secret shopper
scam report

#5 Report

Finally the secret shopper will submit a report detailing their findings. If there are any gray areas we’ll have a discussion and put it to a vote.

If all is good, the company is added.

We WILL monitor our user reviews and if they take a dip we’ll investigate, sending another secret shopper.

If the company drops below the standards we require, we will remove them.

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