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  Service Quality: 92%
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  Success Rate: 93%
  Customer Care: 81%
  Overall: 90%


About are experts in all aspects of business incorporation, which is hardly surprising given they are the small business division of CSC.

Offering business incorporation services and all required services to keep a business running and compliant, they also provide advice on setting up and running a company helping select the best structure and business location for your underlying needs, be they privacy, asset protection or tax efficiency.

From the website: is the small business division of CSC®. Formed in 1899, CSC is a worldwide leader in business solutions, providing services to over 90 percent of Fortune 500® companies.

Whether you are just getting started or growing your business, our teams are here to support you every step of the way. Form and incorporate your business in a few simple steps. Choose the entity type for your company, conduct a business name search, and start your new business today!


7 reviews for

  1. KJ

    Do not use them as they keep billing you even you terminate their services. They do not accept termination of any of their so called services.

    They are in complete denial of whatever you put in font of them of fact.

    All you will ever get from them are invoices on services they never perform!!!

    Do not waste you money on this company, there are honest companies out there doing an honest job. A disgrace of of legal services for startup companies.

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  2. Lucy Jack

    Used free services and upgraded to registered agent for better privacy very happy with service so far will see how it goes

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  3. Greg T

    Good service but I told them I didn’t need registered agent and they still sold me on it.

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  4. SM

    Happy with everything and it went smooth even though I had some difficult needs with offshore company involved

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  5. Graham C

    Wasting time hassle and stress are three things I can do without and three things I’ve gotten rid of since switching to I’m not an organized person and have been known to miss deadlines but these guys do everything for me to ensure I’m not missing annual paperwork or filings and from initial set up to maintenance work they’ve been a dream to work with. This way I get on with the fun stuff like running my sales team and making money 🙂

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  6. Noah

    A good service offered and reasonably priced but towards the end of the process they did go in for hard sell of their Registered Agent services which I didn’t need and had explained that at the start. If you’re adept at deflecting sales pressure you’ll be good.

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  7. michael

    An easy and painless process marred only by attempts to get me to use their filing and other services. I understand the set up is low priced and they need to make their money somehow but really you need to back off a little.

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