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BBB Rating:A
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  Service Quality: 80%
  Service Value: 76%
  Ease of Use: 79%
  Success Rate: 78%
  Customer Care: 74%
  Overall: 78%


About Dr Credit

Dr Credit was founded in 1999 with the aim of educating and helping its customers with bad credit loans, credit card debt, refinancing and mortgage loans. By matching consumers with suitable financial institutions, Dr Credit can offer loans and solutions even to those with poor credit ratings.

Dr Credit knows that unexpected financial situations can arise. They can provide unsecured personal loans for your individual situation, whether that may be the need to carry out eco-friendly improvements to your home, grow your business or consolidate your debt. Decisions are fast and the professional service provided online matches the service you would receive in their office.

From the website:

Whether you are in a credit crisis or just need to fund a home renovation project, unsecured personal loans for bad credit are designed to help.

Although personal bad credit loans are easier to obtain for people with good credit, it is also possible to get an unsecured personal loan when you have bad credit as well. Through discussions with your lender, you can figure out the ideal loan for your situation.


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  1. Shane P

    I was referred to a debt consolidation company who were able to help

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  2. Robert

    Dr Credit helped refer me to a lender and I was able to refinance. Dr Credit were kind and understanding and I am very happy with their service although I have since had calls from other loan companies and I do not like being disturbed.

    6 out of 6 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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