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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Service Quality: 88%
  Service Value: 86%
  Ease of Use: 86%
  Success Rate: 79%
  Customer Care: 92%
  Overall: 86%

Service Details:

Typical Costs: 15-25% Debt
Setup Fees: Zero
Interest Rates: Not Applicable
Minimum Applicable Debt: $7,500
States Serviced: 38
Business History: Est. 2002

About Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief are a subsidiary part of the Freedom Financial Network, enjoying substantial cover across most states in the US and concentrating on debt consolidation and settlement.

Thanks to high levels of customer care, and only a $7,500 minimum-debt qualification they have one of the highest volume and highest average review ratings across all major review networks. This is backed up by the company’s claims to have resolved over $10billion in debts.

From the Freedom Debt Relief website:

As the largest negotiator of debt in the nation, Freedom Debt Relief takes a human approach to debt relief. We are passionate about helping people overcome debt as quickly as possible.

Unlike some companies that charge fees before debts are settled, Freedom Debt Relief never charges a fee until we’ve done our work and negotiated a settlement.


10 reviews for Freedom Debt Relief

  1. Sara

    I was embarrassed by my credit score and in denial about how bad things had become until one day I realized I couldn’t come close to paying my minimum monthly payment and needed help. Freedom Debt Relief were great and even though it’s going to be a long haul like over a year I’ve already seen some results after 3 months and they have had some successful negotiations on my behalf!

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  2. Dwane Peters

    We had got in trouble on CCs missed payments and credit score was bad I knew we was in bad shape but got on phone with Freedom and was told we were in no worse situation than many. its predatory actions of CC companies keeping us honest folks down when jobs aint paying what should for honest work. Anyhow I was put on with a company who got me details down and I had some debts canceled 6 months in and now got hopes for future.

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  3. Gerry

    I recieved a loan consolidation advertisement from green leaf financial thru the us mail. When I called it turned out to be fredon debt relief. The salesmen took my info and told me that I should stop making payments to the cc companies and instead make monthly payments to a dedicated account. He assured me that fdr would negotiate with the cc companies and I would be debt free Jan 2019. I was told that a lawyer was not necessary but if needed I should use nllg. I like an idiot drank the cool aid.

    After two of the cc companies were in settlement the third filed a court case against me. When I contacted fdr I was put in contact with a lawyer from nllg who informed me that I would need to make two balloon payments of $5000 and increase my monthly dedicated account payments by over 50% for the next 20 months. From what I can tell from their dashboard the reason for the increase in deposits was to pay their fees.

    When I objected to these terms with a nllg lawyer I was told to contact fdr. When I contacted fdr I was told to contact nllg. One of the nllg lawyers even told me that due to the size of the debt the bank involved will not negotiate with fdr. The lawyer for the bank even called me and said I would need a lawyer.

    The lawyer for nllg told me that I needed to sign an agreement, that my only other option was bankruptcy. When I offered to pay at once instead of a structured settlement I was told I would be paying the same amount. I was never made aware of the ramifications associated with signing.

    I ran into money problems in 2019 and was not able to make the second to last payment of the agreement on time. In Jan of 2019 I contacted nllg and a lawyer told me I should contact fdr. When I contacted fdr I was under the impression that it would not be a problem. At no time was I told that missing the payment would void the agreement nor was I given any other options on paying.

    When I called an nllg lawyer for clarity on the matter he told me to contact fdr and laughed at my perdicement. I am being told that the payment plan was voided after the Jan payment was skipped yet payments for feb & March were processed. The April payment was skipped by fdr so they could collect the last of their fees leaving the account short funds to make the final payment to settle the account. w

    Every time I emailed fdr on this matter I was pretty much told to call their 800 # to speak to a representative.Unfortunitly that’s what got me in trouble in the first place. When I ask about what they have done to settle the account I get no answer. When I ask if they contacted the creditor in Jan 2019 concerning a late payment I get no answer. When I ask why I was not alerted to the fact that they were going to collect their fees instead of paying my creditor I get no answer

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  4. Jada

    respectful decent people I was treated bad at other centers I tried getting help from Freedom were so good and kind getting me on a call with an expert who helped me with papers

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  5. J.F.

    Big respect to Veronica the lady is a superb advisor and helped reassure me and get me set up with a solution

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  6. Clare

    Expert help with no judgement. I think my advisor must have once been in the same situation as me because she knew everything I was going through. Lovely girl and I am confident she’ll get the results she’s hoping for as I have a good case.

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  7. HARRY


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  8. Alexander

    a very professional company and my debts will be resolved in line with their estimations by the summer of 2021.

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  9. Luke

    I owed $46700 in credit cards and other unsecured loans and Freedom Debt Relief were able to have that cut down to less than 8k. Even if their fees were more expensive than others I’d looked at I can’t see anybody else having that level of success. 10/10

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  10. Susan H

    I was treated with respect and dignity and every stage of what could have been an awful process. Other companies I’d approached didn’t even return my calls after they fund out I “only” had $8000 in debt but Freedom were there for me from the first contact and never pushy. Very happy with everything they did for me and my problem was resolved very quickly much sooner than I expected in fact.

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