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ALERT: This company is part of an onlgoing investigation and their website has been taken down by Federal agnecies.

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BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:D
Our Rating:D

Quick Stats:

  Service Quality: 98%
  Service Value: 95%
  Ease of Use: 96%
  Potential for Profit: 90%
  Customer Care: 98%
  Overall: 95.4%

About Coin Dispute Network

Coin Dispute Network is one of the largest crypto-asset recovery firms in the world. The company helps people recover their lost or stolen cryptocurrency transactions. The company is one of the only funds recovery firms that specializes in cryptocurrency. If you or a loved one has been a victim of crypto fraud then you can contact their blockchain recovery experts to review your case.

They take advantage of legal loopholes and exploits a key weakness in the blockchain network where scammers try to cash out your crypto coins into cash. The sooner the CDN team starts the dispute process the more likely you can receive a full recovery of your funds. They are a trusted American company based In New York with clientele worldwide.

CDN have been featured in Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, and dozens of crypto news websites for their success in helping people recover their cryptocurrency transactions. The company offers free consultations to see if they can help you.

From the Coin Dispute Network website:

Our experts analyze the blockchain and trace your recent transactions to locate your lost or stolen funds before they are gone. We track down the scammers, identify the parties involved, and create a formal investigative report used to dispute the lost or stolen funds.

We use our network of crypto contacts and stakeholders deep within the community to dispute and recover your coin transactions. Finally we use 24/7 monitoring and alerts to track your disputed funds in order to perform stop-recovery attempts at various exit points the scammers may use to cash out your money and run.


11 reviews for Coin Dispute Network

  1. Sam Mueller

    THIS COMPANY COIN DISPUTE NETWORK IS SIMPLY THE BEST! Max and Lukas and the whole Coin Dispute Network should get a medal for what they are doing over there! At first I was skeptical about these recovery services but after I did my research I knew it was the right move. They are the gold standard in the crypto community and get the job done. Some people complain at what they charge but since most of their fees come from the recovery itself its a no brainer. If they decide it take on your case their expertise in this area is worth its weight in gold. It worked for me so im happy!

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