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Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams

Debt settlement scams are among the worst of all scams we report on because they target people who are already in an incredibly difficult financial position, emotionally exhausted and desperate for a way out.

This level of desperation can easily make people susceptible to scammer’s lies and when the promise of a quick solution is offered, desperation can cloud a victim’s judgement making them less likely to look deeper into what’s being proposed.

When a cold caller offers to help settle all their debt for only $1450 up front – and they may owe $20k or $30k, the temptation is easy to understand. Yes they may need to borrow some more money to pay the scammer be it from a relative or a high interest loans company, but the promise of freedom from that debt can make it seem like a good investment.

And of course as the FTC reports – by then it’s too late. The scammer doesn’t provide the service advertised and the victim is left even further in debt and traumatized by the crime.

The FTC have brought scores of law enforcement actions against these scam companies and partnered with state law enforcement to bring them down, even changing the law in 2010 to stop all for-profit companies charging up front for credit relief or repair services.

But the issue continues and we receive a number of reports every month from consumers who are still facing robocalls, hard selling tactics and false claims.

So how can you protect yourself when looking for debt settlement services?

  • Only use legitimate and trusted companies, such as those we list above.
  • Do not deal with companies who call you – be the one to reach out to the company.
  • Check a company’s credentials at the BBB and with your local Chamber of Commerce if they are in-state.
  • Read online reviews – is there a pattern of complaints with the company concerned?

And most importantly, if they ask for any money up front while making big promises to solve all your debt worries – walk away.

Example Cases
Elegant Solutions, Inc. (Mission Hills Federal) (September 3, 2019)
Impetus Enterprise, Inc. (July 31, 2019)
American Financial Benefits Center, et al. (March 4, 2019)
Jeremy Lee Marcus, et al. FTC and State of Florida v. (Helping America Group) (April 12, 2018)

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