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BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Service Quality: 89%
  Service Value: 83%
  Ease of Use: 85%
  Success Rate: 82%
  Customer Care: 93%
  Overall: 87%


About Fundwise

Fundwise helps start-ups and small businesses get access to funding, with unsecured lines of credit available up to $200,000 – all with a 30-second zero-obligation application.

Where most funding companies can take 45-90 days to secure investor capital for their clients, Fundwise has a streamlined approach and fast-access to a wide range of underwriting and funding partners meaning they can provide unsecured credit lines at low rates in as little as 10 days. Fundwise’s exceptional levels of customer care are another reason they’ve become one of the fastest growing capital provision companies in the US mostly due to referral business from delighted customers.

From the Fundwise Capital website:

Fundwise Capital helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners and real-estate investors secure the best funding they can qualify for, guaranteed.

In an industry famous for little to no transparency, Fundwise Capital is pulling back the curtain to empower entrepreneurs with the best funding options, finance education, qualifying formulas, and access to proven lenders. The Fundwise funding team has helped secure well over $150 million in funding for clients. We are laser focused on providing the most effective and creative financing solutions to propel new and experienced entrepreneurs to incredible levels of success.


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  1. Jerry Hanks

    My wife and I are genuinely terrified whats going to happen with our business in all of this pandemic panic as we don’t seem to qualify for any element of the state help however from speaking with Fundwise our business is strong and healthy and can access funding at a much better price than we’d anticipated or been quoted by any banks.

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  2. Mark

    Great company to work with, very helpful staff who followed through as promised every time. Friendly and professional and most importantly was able to access a significant funding for my business expansion.

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  3. KC

    We are a small startup and have already approached our personal bank and a few other banks for funding but were turned down as too high a risk.

    Fundwise saw the actual potential and based their decisions on more than some numbers on a spreadsheet. They gave us an excellent run down of options, some which were better for us and some less so and then accessed their funding sources, getting us funding in 5 days.

    If banks think they can continue to operate in the way they do, companies like Fundwise will only go from strength to strength

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