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BBB Rating:A+
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Service Quality: 80%
  Service Value: 72%
  Ease of Use: 88%
  Acceptance Rate: 92%
  Customer Care: 90%
  Overall: 84%


About Capital Bank

Capital Bank’s secured visa card has been designed to help users build (or rebuild) their credit score. Unlike most credit cards, this Visa is secured against a user’s Capital Bank Savings Account and is funded by an up-front cash deposit – which stays in the savings account and acts as collateral on the card.

With credit limits from $300 to $3000, no annual fee and a variable rate tied to prime, the card features chip and pin and zero liability protection for enhanced protection against unauthorized charges – and a useful on/off feature controlled via digital or mobile banking. When “off” the card can’t be used.

From the Capital Bank website:

Access the purchasing convenience of credit while working to develop a solid history of credit payments that can save you significantly over the course of your financial life

When you are approved for the Secured Visa®, your card is “secured” by your new Capital Bank Savings Account, funded by an upfront cash deposit. The amount you deposit remains in the savings account – your collateral – and is equal to your initial credit limit on the card. For example, if you deposit $300, your card offers you a $300 credit limit.


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  1. Shannah

    Got the Secure Card/ First Horizon Bank Savings Account, as a starting point to improving my credit score then moving on to my final goal of becoming a home owner.

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  2. Fi

    I took out the Capital secure card as part of a plan to build and repair my credit score after a series of unfortunate events. The application process is quick and easy and the card is good to have even if it’s tempting to use. I know the money is there and I know it’s mine but you need to have resolve if you want to get the results.

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