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Why is Work at Home Secrets in The Trusted Directory?

checking a company outWork at Home Secrets isn’t just in our Trusted Directory – we recommended it by name in our TV show episode investigating Work-at-Home Scams, where Chris Hansen interviews its creator John Crestani.

We never recommend a product to such a degree lightly – so to say we’ve subjected John and his training courses to a thorough testing would be an understatement.

In fact, of the thousands of work-at-home opportunities out there, we’d suggest only 1 in 100 can produce even paltry results and we rate less than 20 as being able to do exactly what they say – with 3 of these being John’s courses.

Work at Home Secrets Reviews – Round Up:

BBB Rating:N/A
Web Ratings:A+
Our Rating:A+

Quick Stats:

  Program Quality: 88%
  Startup Costs: 98%
  Running Costs: 95%
  Profit Potential: 94%
  Customer Care: 86%
  Overall: 95%

About Work at Home Secrets

work at home secrets book cover“Work at Home Secrets” is the new best-selling book from established business trainer and marketing expert John Crestani – featured in Scam Report TV Season 1 Episode 2.

Examining some of the best opportunities in the work at home market, the book gives actionable advice on how to best take advantage of what’s available – along with solid guidance on how to avoid the huge number of scams rife in the sector.

Where some training is all theory, this book is based wholly on real life: the successes of his own multi-million dollar businesses, and those of the students on his training courses – courses which have gone on to launch literally hundreds of six and seven figure work at home businesses. Although John personally earns over $1m a month from doing exactly what he teaches in this training – he learned the hard way that not all work at home opportunities are as they seem.

He wrote this book both as a blueprint guide to work at home success but also as a warning. Yes there is huge potential as evidenced from the success rates of his students, but from his estimation less than 1 in 100 online opportunities are legitimate. Work at Home Secrets is your roadmap to a thriving home business whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

From the Work at Home website:

Get Your Copy of Work at Home Secrets Today and Learn:

  • How to Make Money From Your Talents and Interests
  • The top 8 work at home scams (and how to avoid them)
  • Our picks for the best legitimate work-from-home opportunities
  • The secrets of affiliate marketing (and why it is so lucrative)
  • Using the power of social media as a free marketing tool
  • How to use the power of Google to work for you
  • Plus, much, much more!

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Why We Like Work at Home Secrets

preparing work at home secrets reportWhen carrying out our initial investigations into John Crestani for inclusion of his other work-at-home courses in our Trusted Directory, it was immediately clear that here was a man who practices what he teaches.

Where most work-at-home programs are at best a rehash of out of date ideas copied and pasted from one course to the next – and at worse out-and-out scams, John is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs we’ve met in the affiliate training space and produces work that he’s tested to destruction to ensure it will work in the hands of his students.

He has worked for over a decade at building a series of multi-million dollar companies across several markets, all using the online marketing and digital product creation he’s now teaching to select groups through mentorship – and to students of his Super Affiliate System.

His Work at Home Secrets book doesn’t just look at some of the worst work-at-home scams affecting America right now, but it distills key parts of the knowledge that’s in his 4 and 5 figure trainings. Knowledge that can be put to immediate use to help generate ongoing income from home.

At $39.95 $1, we’d say it’s essential reading for anyone considering working online, or thinking about applying for a work-at-home “opportunity”


What’s in the Book?

work at home secrets review bookAt only 86 pages spread over 11 chapters, the book is concisely written and highly concentrated, yet easy to digest – something it shares with John’s other writing.

Each section features a work area to fill in with results from following John’s instruction – yes you have to actually do something to get the best from the book – but if you work through it correctly you’ll be well on your way to having a successful home business.

Chapter One is a brief introduction to John, who he is and what he does.

Chapters Two and Three examine the worst of the scams targeting people looking to earn an income from home and the secrets scammers use to get maximum money from innocent victims.

Chapter Four focuses on ways to make money at home immediately – nothing with five figures, but all useful funds for if times are tight, or to inject into your new business – because Chapter Five looks at John’s most lucrative method for earning money at home – and one upon which he’s based his entire business and training programs – that of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be started successfully with zero costs and Chapters Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten look at how best to achieve this through various social media and free websites – some of which was news to even our seasoned affiliate marketers.

Chapter Eleven closes with an invite to John’s content-heavy YouTube channel with regular videos covering all areas of affiliate marketing and an invitation to a carefully curated playlist of videos (all free).

We recommend reading the whole book through quickly to get a good grounding (it can be read within a few hours) then going back over the content, viewing the links, testing the methods John suggests and filling in progress.

Work at Home Secrets Review – Conclusion

super affiliate system rated as top opportunityAs we said at the outset of this review, there are very few online work-at-home opportunities that come close to providing a good income.

John Crestani’s book, whilst not suggesting it will produce similar 6-figure incomes to his other courses does provide both the options and the step-by-step how-to knowledge that can get a novice from a standing start to earning affiliate commissions.

Not only can this actionable advice build the starting of an online business but John provides clear next-step solutions to further grow and scale earnings.

Our Secret Shopper, who only had the most basic computer skills and had never even heard of affiliate marketing before reading the book was able to follow the instructions, build a free website and was accepted into several affiliate programs as a paid promoter within a week. During her assessment she even managed to earn $92 in commission. In her words “If I can do it, anyone can.”

If you want to earn money from home using a tried and tested method while avoiding the scams and pitfalls, this book is for you

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Shopper Report

mystery shopper reportTo review Work at Home Secrets, we used a secret shopper with no previous experience of affiliate marketing or work-at-home businesses.

To help assure impartiality, the shopper was not associated with any previous reviews in the niche, nor had been involved in the filming of our Work-at-Home Scams documentary.

The shopper received a free copy of the book but was required to review as if they had used their own money

I received my copy of Work at Home Scams prior to our documentary launching and so didn’t know what to expect.

What I received was an attractive, well laid-out book. At only 86 pages my first impressions were that it seemed expensive at $40 or 50 cents a page but I wanted to delay judgement until I’d read it.

Flicking over the content on a first skim-read, again I was impressed with the writing style and layout with areas left for me to fill in progress.

There were no off-putting areas of dense text and everything seemed logically laid out from an introduction, through exploring scams and detailing trusted methods to raise money quickly.

Many of the scams I was already aware of through my work at Scam Report: cryptocurrencies, binary trading, hackers, phishing, fake celebrity endorsements etc – and the ways of raising money were largely common sense although I did come across something new that I’ll be putting to good use. I was also pleased to see freelance contract work named – something I had been looking into before becoming a secret shopper.

It wasn’t until I was half way through the book on chapter 5 that I came across John’s suggested method to make money, affiliate marketing. This was a system John had used personally and advised other entrepreneurs on, that rewards affiliates financially for promoting various products and services online.

I’d seen mention of affiliate links on many websites I’d browsed in the past (Scam Report has a similar disclosure on many of it’s pages) and so this is how they are being monetized, by adding links to products or services and receiving a commission when a visitor buys the product, fills a form or uses the service.

Now I don’t have a website and wouldn’t know where to begin but the concept is definitely appealing, so I read on.

I only stopped briefly to do some searches online that John had suggested and I was amazed how many companies run affiliate programs, even some of my favorite retailers and so I wouldn’t just be promoting things untested, I could promote products and services in which I was interested or that I used as part of my various hobbies.

For me this was a big plus, writing what you know.

He also recommended two affiliate networks, and I stopped my skim read again while I signed up to them both to see what products were available.

One of the two was definitely better than the other due to it having far more products but I did feel some were on the scammy side. The other had better products but there were far fewer of them.

The next chapter focused on marketing your chosen affiliate products using free social media. I’m already signed up to most of these so I felt this would be a straightforward section although one thing I did was I set up a new account for some privacy from my friends and family.

There were some excellent tips on how to use the different social media to grow a following and promote without being “salesy” plus a number of warnings as what NOT to do.

I was also blown away at how easy it was to create and publish a web page, something that I’d always imagined had been in the realm of witchcraft and complex math. I genuinely had no idea it was built into my Google account all along.

As well as various social media platforms, John went into detail on how we can use Quora (“questions and answers” – who knew?) to help promote our new web pages. Again this was something that I knew little about and I’d never even considered as a way to promote anything.

If I hadn’t already thought of a niche to promote, chapter 9 is all about using Google to discover highly searched terms and niches, through specialist blogs and forums.

Chapter 10 is on LinkedIn, a network I’ve never joined or been interested in so I give this a miss for now – and 11 is a summary of the book.

So a quick skim of what at first appeared a short book gave me lots of new information along with some useful tools and a whole heap of further exploration.

For my second proper read I made a decision to follow the book exactly and fill in my progress reports as I went along.

At the end of this read the result was I had joined several affiliate programs, selected a number of products that interested me and built several single page websites. When I say built it’s a very easy process much like typing on a word processor.

I had opened 3 new social media accounts, one on YouTube, one Facebook and one on Twitter. I’d also joined Quora to help answer questions asked about my chosen niche.

I had started to add posts, messages and hashtags on my various social accounts following John’s rules and apart from Twitter wrongly suggesting I was a robot, all went very well.

It didn’t take long to pick up followers and I found it all quite enjoyable, commenting on posts that interested me, sharing them and following others which all helped build a legitimacy to my accounts.

A couple weeks passed, with me adding a few new posts every other day and then I began adding some posts about my products.

When making my commercial posts I was a little worried that my followers would react negatively to these posts but to my surprise I got some likes and shares

But that surprise was nothing compared to when I registered a sale on one of the affiliate networks and earned a $47 commission. Another few small sales and I had hit $92.

And no, earnings of this size are nothing to write home about but it hit me:

I wasn’t carrying any stock, I wasn’t doing any “selling” and I was just playing around on social media as usual. And yet I had made $92.

Work commitments meant I couldn’t do anything for another week, but in that time my posts continued to get likes and shares, and my affiliate links kept registering new hits.

With more followers and more posts this could go on to generate an actual income.

Seeing what worked and what didn’t I knew for my next promotion that I’d do things a little differently and as I write this report, I’m building another couple web pages and following some of the influencers in my market.

This works. I’m deeply surprised that I’ve been able to do it but thanks to this book I’ve discovered a way to make some spare cash and a potential to make much more.

I will admit, had I actually spent my own money or be doing this for my own reasons I’d have taken everything far more seriously from the outset and would have reached the point where I made my first sale sooner, but overall I’m both delighted and surprised at the results.

Not only do I look at websites, blogs and social posts with new eyes but I’ve subscribed to John’s YouTube channel and am picking up more tips.

Will I continue at it? Of course I will.


This is a well written book that both warns of dangers and provides trusted solutions. Aimed at people like me who have never worked online but have long considered doing so along with other work-at-home opportunities.

Definitely an introductory piece the book contains enough information to get started in working online, select an area to focus, find products to promote, to create digital assets and to market them across various areas of social media.

I’m typically very wary of money-making promises, especially through my work with Scam Report, but I did indeed make some money following John Crestani’s instruction, and I most definitely avoided the fraudsters and scammers I came across whilst getting started.

With no experience, I have managed to build a small social following, been accepted into several affiliate programs and have so far generated $92 in commission. I’d call that a success and I expect this could grow over the coming months. If I can do it anyone can.

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10 reviews for Work at Home Secrets

  1. Baz S

    The site says this: “Ups! This is embarrassing.

    Currently the product Internet Jetset (301523) cannot be sold.”


    3 out of 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Alice W

    book may be thin and I’ll be honest when it arrived I was a bit WTH but there’s info in there that will give you an incredible opportunity if you let it. I had not heard of this kind of marketing before and now that I know what to look for I see it everywhere and it’s so easy to get involved. Just on my facebook group alone which only has 1200 members I was able to make $3000 clear profit from 2 sales AND help my small community to save for their future while avoiding all the risks we’re seeing in current crisis. TWO SALES, $3k. My mind is blown

    8 out of 8 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Bryan W

    I read this short book over a weekend and by Monday I was online with a web page and a company who’s products I was going to promote. They pay 4% commission on sales which seems poor until you realize they have a minimum sale of $25,000!!! Do the math. I had no idea this was even possible and now all I see is opportunity its almost too much to focus on just one thing LOL

    12 out of 13 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Manny P

    You can pay $1 or watch all johns free videos on youtube its quite similar content but the links are useful for sure

    9 out of 13 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Susan White

    I wish I’d read this a year ago. Don’t think you will read the book and have an instant business but realize it’s a set of essential first steps. You WILL be started and you will probably make some money (I did) but there’s a little more to it all than John says in the book. It’s like a tester, do you like this kind of work or would you be happier in a J.O.B. I for one love it and have since joined John’s advanced program which builds on this book and when I say build it takes it to a whole other level…

    15 out of 16 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Molly Weir

    I spent $1 and got more value from this book than another Work At Home course I bought from a well-known YouTuber that cost me $1997! Of course reading the book I now realize the other course was a bit of a scam!!

    14 out of 15 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Nico

    Saw this documentary at christmas and recommended book I bought and its very good for warning of dangers and for give true solutions. It 80 pages not many as I expect but information very good helpful for making some money at my home.

    17 out of 18 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Greg Davies

    I’d already had some experience working at-home businesses, a few failures and one moderate success so I wasn’t sure if this book would teach me anything I didn’t already know. The scam sections were great and I recognize those exact scams being pushed online almost every day, YouTube is particularly bad for them. The money-raising sections were OK but nothing new that I’d not already used. The online marketing / affiliate section was eye-opening and despite my one success being in affiliate marketing I got some advice that has more than paid for the cover price. For me the best part was a link to a new digital product source I’d never seen before and that is a hands-down win. Over Christmas I’ve already set up a simple new website promoting a product I found there and from a few tests I’ve run it’s going to blow up in the New Year. Excellent book, well worth buying even if you think you know what’s what.

    21 out of 22 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Jerry P

    Good book liked the workbook sections for progress. I read it once thru quickly then back again in detail filling it in. I got the tools the rest is up to me now

    18 out of 20 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Susan White

    When I saw it first I thought the book would be little more than a big ad for John’s Super Affiliate System but bought it anyway as I like John’s work.

    It was actually a really interesting read.

    Before you spend your money you have to realize it’s more like a very good introduction than an in-depth course. If you’re new to the game I’d say it’s a must-have and can save a lot of hurt from the bad actors out to sell you snake oil. If you’ve worked an online business before it can still help but I’d say it’s best for newcomers.

    One book can’t cover EVERYTHING about all the different ways to earn money at home so it’s like offering a well thought out choice for a home run business, giving you all your options, pro’s cons and gems of insider info. If you want to take anything further the book covers what to do next. I can recommend John’s other courses even if he barely mentions them and definitely his YouTube channel.

    23 out of 24 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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